Meet the Artist

Fun fact! I had this as an assignment in my class a couple of weeks before this tag popped up. AHEAD OF THE CURVE. But yey, I finally did a tag that was going around! I also wanted to design a witchsona and I kind of did but didn't finish an illustration for it in time...? Oh well maybe next time. Or I could just deisng my own magical girl-sona because I prefer them over witches. Have you done this tag? Let me know in the comments!

Art supplies and Cake


Hello everyone! We had a long weekend this past week and it was a much needed rest. I recently got to grab some new art supplies from my favorite art store and omgah <3 I have recently found the wonders of pearlescent paints and I am absolutely in love! I only got one color to see if I would like it and I was surprised with the quality and consistency. So, obviously, I have to go back and get more. They had a few golds and pearls so I really do need them. I also picked up these Japanese watercolor pearlescent colors and they're nice, but not as good as the liquid acrylic that I got. I do want to keep them to see how I can use them in the future, though. I also picked up these PanPastels thinking I would really like them but after a few tries, I'm just not that into it. Josh told me that when I took them out he thought they were eyeshadows, haha! I guess I drift towards the same color palette~I'm very happy with my new art acquisitions >:) I have been updating my Sketchbook tab for this year on here, please take a look!

I have been consistent with keeping my daily journal so I picked up some supplies for that as well! Now that I have been doing it for about a year I can say that I like minimal decorations so I can fill in as many blanks as possible. So simple is best with me, but I need lots of color. Target had such cute things I couldn't help myself.

It was recently my dad's birthday so we got to have some much needed family time with everyone. Being with my family puts a lot of things into perspective and makes me feel overall so much better about everything. I tend to over-worry and need some reassurance with things in life. The house is clean and I'm getting a lot of things done that I've been meaning to for a while. For example, my art instagram! I'm really happy I decided to make a separate account for my art and artistic stuff, I'm meeting such sweet and talented people! I decided to go with my pen name and continue this way over there. We have drawing club today so I'm looking forward to working on a  couple of things I've been meaning to work on for a while!

Art Swap in the Drawing Club

It's rare that I pass up an opportunity to buy new art supplies, and I've always seen this as a good thing. Since moving into my art room I've found that I have more art supplies than I could ever need! A lot of them I actually use, but some I just hang on to because of whatever reason (I'm a bit of an art supply hoarder I guess...) I had a couple of drawers filled to the brim with pens that I used every once in a while or maybe once before, but never again. Not because they weren't good, they just weren't my preference. Well, at the Drawing Club I started at my school we have this thing where we bring in art supplies we have but don't really use anymore so others in the club can get a chance to use them in their own work. I was inspired by this idea because I was thinking about how much I would have loved something like that when I was younger! I always brought everything I could carry when I would go on drawing dates and loved using my friends' supplies and letting them use mine. I bit the bullet last night and just sorted through what I have and set aside anything I haven't touched within the past year. Surprisingly... it was a lot. What can I say, I'm a creature of habit. A lot of these pens are in really great shape and was looking forward to letting my kids use them. I gave this box to them filled with stationary and art supplies and I had so much fun watching them sort through them and get excited about the contents. It was definitely worth it. I hope they find that one pen they just can't live without like I did when I did this with my friends.

If you find yourself cluttered with art supplies, try sorting through everything and really minimizing. Let someone you know who likes to try new things try your supplies, see what they create!

Vixena Foxhood

One of my resolutions was not just to draw more, it was to draw more consistently and challenge myself with new techniques. One of my beloved OCs just doesn't get enough drawing time from me, so here she is. When I was in school, whenever I would draw my characters like this I would always get asked "WHY IS SHE NAKED"and I always felt the need to give some sort of excuse. Now that I'm older, my answer is simply "because I drew her that way." Draw what you want and don't make excuses for yourself! I see this sometimes with my students and I just want to tell them to not BS! It's ok to say that you just wanted to do that. That's what one of the focuses was, you liked the way it came out, you just didn't feel like doing anything else. It's coo'. But yes, here is Vixena. I drew her naked because that's what I felt like doing.

I'm trying to flesh out more characters for a story I want to focus on this year. The main character is Avyana, a character one of my students helped me name! I hope you're enjoying the new artwork so far˜

Shaki Shaki


Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely time with their friends and family for the holidays! I just got done with break from work and I had a lot to do at home to get ready for the holidays T-T But it all worked out and now it's over! We have a new year ahead of us and it's going to be a really good one. I have set some personal goals for myself this year and I'm excited to get started on them. Obviously one of them is always to draw more so I'm trying to draw every day or draw to catch up on missed days. Last night I did a bit of that and wanted to share it on here.

I post my art primarily on here, but will also now be updating on a new Instagram and my Tumblr. I'm still working on an official name for my new Instagram, but I might just go with my pen name. NOTHING IS FINAL. I have decided to make my current Instagram private because I tend to post either a lot of personal posts or a lot of artwork and I would rather keep them separate. I do tend to post some personal Instagram pictures on here so the separation doesn't mean they will be completely one without the other.

I hope everyone works hard on their New Years resolutions!