Cherriuki Crystal Heart Art Book Unboxing

Hello again! I have been very quiet these past couple of months across all my platforms, I have to admit I was in a bit of a funk. I'm getting back into my daily life and am excited to be putting up a new video on my channel! I received Cherriuki's Sailor Moon art book in the mail yesterday and I was just so excited about it I was inspired to create another video. It's nice to be back on my channel, I have wanted to update it more frequently but the inspiration just suddenly stopped... throughout. But I'm proud of this video! I see some mistakes I would like to fix for next time and I learn a lot every time I film. I'm very excited to get the next video out, I'm already drafting it all out.

Little My Chatter Wednesday

I feel like my blog is becoming a place where I just update about my life and I guess I'm ok with that. I've been trying to venture into other platforms with my artwork and my blog has always been a mix of professional and "update" stuff, so here you go. Last week was Valentine's Day! Josh and I decided to actually make something for each other as our main gift for the first time because we wanted to see how it would go and I think it went really well!

I had been planning out my gift for him since the middle of January and the idea evolved a lot before I finally settled on something. I originally wanted to create a little booklet from a deck of cards filled with reasons why I love him. I saw the idea on Youtube and thought it was super cute! I wanted to put my own flair to it and from there it evolved into what I actually made for him. Instead of the deck of cards, I got blank cardstock and drew 14 thank you cards for him. I just wanted to get a blank pink deck of cards but I just couldn't find one I liked! Then I wanted to actually draw a little something on them and couldn't do it on glossy cards anyway so... I went with this. I love experimenting with my style when it comes to making gifts for Josh so I tried a couple of new things. I took a more simple approach and tried to make each card look like something someone would get for a loved one from the store. I think some came out better than others ห†ห†; Each card is decorated with Washi tape and has a custom note to him on the back. I wrapped them all together with some string and included some candy hearts <3 I try to make something better for him than the last time and I'm really proud of this one! 

Josh really surprised me this year... After we said we wouldn't buy any gifts for each other, he still got me 36 roses delivered to my job and Godiva chocolate covered strawberries ;-; Along with a handmade card, he gave me a heart shaped container in a little Valentine's bag. I was like... what in the world could this be??? When I opened it I was still very confused. Then it all hit me at once. 

Lately I have been transfixed on slime videos on Instagram. I love watching the squish and the different types of slime people make. I honestly can't even explain it. I even like watching it be made! But I didn't try to hide this fact from Josh and he thought it was so weird! When I ordered some slime from Etsy to see if I would like it, he was even more perplexed and openly grossed out by the slime. He would make fun of me for it! So when I opened this little heart shaped container and inside was the red glittered slime that smelled like roses, I think tears came to my eyes and I involuntarily started laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe. He was like "I DON'T KNOW IF YOU LIKE IT OR YOU HATE IT PLEASE TELL ME." I am so touched that he ventured so far as to create slime for me himself, especially one so perfect! I love it so much <3 We went to dinner with me still laughing in the car.

I have been trying my hardest to update my Sketchbook on here! I have been drawing more and trying some new things out and I'm really liking it! I have a drawing planned for my next video but I actually gotta... do it. But yeah, drawing has been going great. I'm leaning to enjoy it again just because and not because I need to post something somewhere. 

Right now I am in the middle of reading (listening to) Sophie Kinsella's new book "My Not So Perfect Life" and I am really enjoying it! It's one of those books that you enjoy getting cozy with and relish in the tiny details. She's one of my favorite authors so I got the book as soon as it was released. Other than that, I have been enjoying watching Baylee Jae and Taylor R's vlogs on Youtube <3 What have you been up to lately?

Unboxing Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Tablet Video

Ok so. Some of you may remember when I uploaded a video a while ago and I was like "I wanna be an Illustuber!" and then I quietly took it down about a month later because it just wasn't what I wanted it to be. Well, I have been wanting to start my Youtube channel for a while so I decided that this year I'm actually going to do it! So here you go, I filmed the unboxing of the new Wacom Intuos Pro Paper edition! I'm thinking about doing a first impressions with the tablet but I want to play around with it a little more. I literally unboxed this beauty yesterday so I'm still figuring this out. I hope you enjoy the video!

Little My Chatter

I have been enjoying sitting down and drawing as much as I can, lately. I think I said this in a previous post, but I just like saying it out loud. I didn't realize how long it has been since I really produced something I loved that was just for myself. I usually draw sketches for myself and if I'm drawing like a birthday picture or something for someone I have to give it away to them. It definitely helps that I've been restocking my art supplies since purging a couple of weeks ago. That's not to say my art drawer isn't any less bursting at the seams... but that just means I need more storage space! 

I have been trying to expand outside of simple sketching or trying out art supplies. I've been taking a lot of baby steps. I will always be astounded at how much time I dedicated to drawing when I was in school. Now that I'm ADULTING it's much harder, but I'm making it more of a priority this year (9*_*)9 So far so good! I have really been enjoying working with watercolors and mixing media. I recently drew Nao again and compared her to a drawing I did about six months ago and the difference is pretty staggering. It gives me hope T-T Onwards to creating more art!

Personal life wise, everything has been going swimingly. Josh and I had grown accustomed to staying in all weekend while living in the apartment and we want to change that! To be fair, we did that because we felt bad for leaving Hershel most of the day at home by himself, but the puppy-parent guilt has waned a bit and now we feel more comfortable going to a movie or getting dinner after work and having mini day trips every once in a while over the weekend. They have been really lovely! We certainly eat better food. Our favorite trip to take is to Mitsuwa which is about an hour away from us. We go there for food and shopping~ On our most recent trip I found a variety of sizes of the Pen-Tec pen I've been loving recently so it was an awesome find. We also made a trip to this store that was jam packed with Gundam and a few other figures. I found this Sonico figure and was instantly like NEED. But... I have no display case to put her in and I would be terrified of keeping her on my desk T-T Please Lord don't let me get back into figure collecting, I can't do that AND pine for luxury bags T-T It doesn't help that Josh has been actively starting his figure collecting career. BAH! 

I hope you have been having a wonderful week so far!

Meet the Artist

Fun fact! I had this as an assignment in my class a couple of weeks before this tag popped up. AHEAD OF THE CURVE. But yey, I finally did a tag that was going around! I also wanted to design a witchsona and I kind of did but didn't finish an illustration for it in time...? Oh well maybe next time. Or I could just deisng my own magical girl-sona because I prefer them over witches. Have you done this tag? Let me know in the comments!