Art Supplies

Hello everyone! I've been meaning to write up an art related post and I wanted to start with the supplies I use when I reach for my bag. I find it easier to keep everything together this way. I don't usually carry my art supplies and sketchbook around with me, only when I know I'll be using them like on an art date or any time I set aside for it. First of all, my sketchbook is huge. I'm a big fan of this kind of sketchbook because of the paper quality and because of the size. I don't think the paper quality is THE BEST, but it's the best for sketching and trying out colored sketches. I'm always hesitant to use the Moleskine extra large sketchbook Josh got me for Christmas two years ago because I feel like that paper quality truly is amazing. I'm always thinking "I better draw something REAL GOOD IN HERE" and end up getting too stressed to get anything down. I really love the Moleskine basic notebook in extra large because I also think the paper quality in it is superb for sketching, but I don't think it's the best for colored sketches. The colors bleed through ;-; But not in this sketchbook! I've always preferred bigger sketchbooks to medium or small sketchbooks. So this one is pretty big and doesn't fit in any of my purses, I really need a tote for it.

As far my pouches, I have two! One is this floral one I got from Staples that opens up into this organizer. I've never had a supply holder like this and thought it would be perfect to carry around my number two pencils in. I like using mechanical pencils but I prefer using basic number two pencils that I have to sharpen. I feel like my drawings come out more natural and less planned when I use them. It was always tricky keeping them in pencil cases with all my other supplies and erasers because they always left marks and dirtied the pencil case so much! With this organizer I don't have that problem anymore~

I use four erasers, three of which I keep inside my organizer. I have the basic medium one from Staedtler that I've used for years, my smaller one that I upgraded to from a black one the same size that I used for years as well, and a much tinier one! I got the tiniest one is from a brand called Mono, I found it in a Japanese book store. It was pretty expensive, especially because I was convinced I'd never find replacements for the erasers again so i stocked up on them, too. I thought at first it would be great to use for even tinier mistakes in sketches, but it turns out it's even better for detailing hair and eyes in my sketches. It's a great addition to my collection! The pink one, which is the next smaller one, is great for mistakes that are tinier than the ones that can be fixed by my larger eraser stick. I've used this since I was in college and found it hiding in the art supply store for our art school. They only had one and I snatched it up right away, convinced I'd never find anything like it again (sound familiar?)! Well, the other week while exploring a new Japanese art supply store with Josh, I found a bunch! They were the first I found in stock anywhere besides that tiny store at my University that I never found again. I got two and a bunch of refills so I should be set for a while!

These are the rest of my supplies in my organizer. It's not very big, and i don't want it to get bulky, so I only keep my essentials in there. I have my eraser sticks, my mechanical .03 pencil in pink, my 0.5 pen in pink, a Copic marker in Light Prawn (I shade my sketches with this color!) a bold black marker from Staedtler for inking purposes and my 4 number 2 pencils from Staedtler.

My Radiant Orchid case is actually from Spehora. On a vacation with Josh back in April to Washington D.C. we got a chance to visit a mall in the area and the Sephora there was giving this out for free! Yes, it's supposed to be a makeup case but I loved the design too much to use it as one. Like most of my cases that are supposed to be makeup cases, it turned into my art supply bag. Inside I keep my set of inking pens, some pastel colored Sharpie pens that I use to ink, a pen from Muji that doubles as a 0.5 pencil and a 0.5 pen (perfect for sketching and inking, wow, I need like ten of these.), my big chunky eraser for big erasings and my sharpener that I didn't realize is almost completely out of frame. I used to think having two art supply pouches was a lot but I find that I like the setup a lot. I use everything I pack and feel like I don't need anything I don't have at my disposal. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Leave me a comment telling me what you carry around in your bag!