Copic Haul

I finally made some time to write about my recent Copic additions! Recently I discovered Blitsy, a site that gives a major discount on craft supplies, but they don't offer the same discounted items! They have a period where they offer certain things at certain prices and I was able to make a purchase when they had discounted Copics! It's very hard for me to find Copics priced below $4 but I usually limit buying them unless I can find them around that price (My maximum is $5) but they had these for around $3.20! I couldn't help myself. They had a very nice selection of both Sketch and Ciao markers, but since I found the wonders of Ciaos (and noticed the price difference in what is basically the same marker to me) I decided to splurge a bit on those. I usually get pinks and reds and pastels, but I've found that when I use my Copics it tends to be when I color in brown hair and I'm severely lacking in browns. I've never really liked brown so actually buying them never crossed my mind. But I've done more than just a few illustrations lately and all of them include brown somehow so I thought it would be a good time to get them! SO NOW I HAVE BROWNS FOR DAYS. And some greens because that's another color I don't think too much about. I'll share my Copic collection in another post because I'm very proud of it <2