Weekly Recap October 24th

It's Friday! I decided to start doing these "What's up in my life" kind of posts on Fridays because I've always felt like Fridays are great for blogging and writing and just getting stuff out~ Forgive me in advance if this post sounds a little strange to you, I've been medicated all week due to my wisdom teeth getting extracted ;-;


READING - Oh boy, reading. I have so many books I've purchased and gotten obsessed with but just haven't finished! I'll focus on the two books I've been completely obsessed with and have traded off in reading. Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham is a book of essays about her growing up and the things she experienced and I just can't get enough. This isn't the kind of book I'm used to reading. I read Chick Lit and stories about bloggers and independent women falling in love... as well as biographies. Oh, the mix! Her writing is what truly keeps me going with this book. I love her humor and it makes me almost cringe at how much I want to reach out and grab her through the pages and just scream STOP PLEASE DON'T DO THIS. The other book I've been reading came out this week! Make Up by Michelle Phan has been a highly anticipated book for me. I won't go into too much detail here because I did want to focus more on this in its own post! But yes, I'm also reading this right now.

LISTENING - It's been all about love songs, baby. Especially Take me to Church by Hozier. Very few times have I found myself memorizing the lyrics of an entire song but I've officially done it with this one. I've also been obsessed with Spotify, the music service I discovered last month. It feels great to not have to worry about what I'll be listening to on my morning commute! I just put on a playlist and bam! Well worth the $10 a month~

FEELING - Things haven't been the greatest and I've been feeling it. You know when you've had a really, really bad day? And all you want to do is go to bed and just forget about everything? Well, I've been having a very bad week, each day containing it's little evil. I got my wisdom teeth taken out on Monday and I've been taking medication and feeling in constant pain. So I haven't been feeling too hot. It's Friday and I still feel like poop.

THINKING - Though things are tough right now, I'm trying to make things better for myself again. I think about how lucky I am to have the things I have but also try to fully grasp what that all means. I think people think about this stuff a lot, and it seems to lose meaning. I've been trying to keep myself grounded on how grateful I should be with everything I do have and not focus on things I don't.

PHOTOGRAPHING - I actually haven't been taking many pictures, lately! I usually am pretty good at documenting my day through photos on my phone but these past couple of weeks I've been coming up empty XD The most action my camera got this week was on Tuesday when I went to dinner with my best friend from high school and her daughter (and my goddaughter!) Perfect people to take pictures of, honestly.

WRITING - Well I have been trying to write more on my blog! I can positively say that blogging is one of my passions so I've been trying to organize things in a way that I can actually write more on here! I would like to write more frequently, but I think I've been doing pretty good so far.

WATCHING - I started watching American Horror Story: Freak Show and I'm liking that, I guess. Nothing will be better than Asylum, though. And of course I've been watching my Beauty Gurus and my usual vloggers on Youtube~


USING - I've been obsessively wearing my Pandora bracelet Josh got me and I love just looking at it sparkle! Also, rain boots, because it's been disgusting here.

LEARNING - Learning, hmm? I guess this week I've learned that it's ok to not be ok. And actually mean it. And also that there will always be the pull to your push that you feel. For every negative thing there will be positive things. Nothing sucky lasts forever.

Some final thoughts on this post! Tomorrow Josh and I are celebrating our 4 year anniversary! We're going to a restaurant in Philly, following our tradition of celebrating in a new city each year (so far). This will be our first anniversary where we get all dressed up and actually celebrate at dinner instead of making it a whole day long thing. We don't live together and we work all week so it's difficult to find a time not to latch onto one another when we can, and when we do, we tend to not let go <3 I have everything set up and ready for Saturday, I just need to get all dolled up for then (hair, nails, outfit, etc.) so that's what today is about. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!