Loot and Birthday Wishes

Hello my lovely readers! I wanted to share a haul post with everyone because I feel like I don't do this enough on my blog XD I know people say that they don't do this to show off or anything, I kind of do it to lead into some events that have been happening to me lately. There is a blog post still coming about the conference I attended for work and my thoughts on that, but this one isn't meant to be so deep. 

My family owns a hair salon and my mom is a hair stylist, and because of that I'm able to go shopping with her to places to stock up on supplies for the shop. When we go to these places, I like to grab a few things for myself! I can't go by myself because I don't have a license, but she does so that's why I have to go with her and take advantage of such a great opportunity~ I only ever get nail polish because I can get Essie and OPI for half the price! I got some mini polish sets because I've wanted to try a bunch of those colors for a while but didn't ever want to get a full size of them so it was pretty perfect. I have a bunch of reds and pinks already, so I decided to focus on some purples and dark fall and winter colors this time and I'm really happy I did! I found a color called "Something to Blog About" so... here I am, haha! I have it on my nails right now and I have to say I'm glad I took the risk! The color is a metallic lilac grape, it's very pretty and a color I probably wouldn't have thought to try if it wasn't called the way it is. I also finally got to get a brand new hair dryer. I had a hair dryer in Spain that I so loved but because of the current being different here in the States I couldn't justify bringing it back with me. Now a year and a half later I finally have a worth while hair dryer. I blow dry my hair for work so I have been in desperate need of one. I tried it tonight and omg it's like A BREATH OF FRESH AIR.

I did get to spend a mother daughter day with mom today and we went to the mall after supply shopping. I was able to grab some new beauty loves which include another Nars Audacious lipstick in Olivia, a Naked Illuminator in Aura and a Clinique Face Scrub that I use when I shower. I also got my mom some sunscreen she needed so I qualified for the free gift which had a bunch of cute goodies in there, too. I usually am not a fan of the bags they give out at Clinique but these are very very pretty <3

Despite feeling ill this weekend, Josh came over and he spent some time with me! He got me these new volumes that I've been wanting to try as gifts HE'S SO SWEET THANK YOU <3333 We've also been on a Copic kick lately so we got a whole bunch of colors this week. I'll write more in depth about that later, too! I don't do many hauls but I love arranging everything I got on my bed and just like... marveling at it haha~

Also today is my wonderful friend's birthday <3 Mana and I have known each other since she was 11 and I was 14 and we've been friends ever since! Today she turns 22 and we're going to celebrate later this weekend! I was fortunate enough to see her today and give her a hug and her present, but I still owe her an illustration! So this is like... a place holder. I hope you had a wonderful day and birthday and I send you lots of hugs and kisses!