This is Hershel. Hershel is our newest family member. We're going to pick him up on Josh's birthday, December 19th. We got to visit him two weeks ago and we fell in love with him. Since then we have been preparing for his arrival! Last night we got most of his supplies and are anxiously awaiting his arrival. I've been obsessing over "Bringing home puppy" videos and articles on how to raise a puppy. I have two dachshunds at home and I've had them since I was about 14. We didn't really train them or read any manual or anything. Everything these videos we're watching say we should do we just haven't with Miles and Nena. So I think I take that as a safety blanket. If we don't do exactly what we're supposed to do, Hershel will be just fine because my puppies are perfect. They're living happily and we give them absolutely everything! Josh and I have been wanting a puppy or kitten since I was living on my own in New Brunswick two years ago! We weren't planning on getting a puppy so soon after moving in but I got a bit ahead of myself and started the search pretty early.

This is a bit of an update on life! We've been looking at venues and working on securing the date for the wedding. When we're not doing this we try to be with family or hosting dinners for them. We've been at the apartment for officially a month! It's been many things we knew it would be. We're very busy with work and with wedding stuff, so we really love the down time of being able to sit on the sofa and play video games or watching our favorite shows. It's been busy and sometimes lonely, but I know with Hershel we will be entering a new time for us! There have been a lot of new moments for us as a couple and they've all kind of came at us so quickly, but I think we're handing it all very well. My favorite thing to do is sleep in with him and talk about the days ahead or just silly things. I love seeing him come home from work and setting dinner up for us at night after a long day. If you would like to keep up with all that's going on I've been trying to post more on Instagram and Twitter. Since the move it's been a little slower on there than usual but now that there's a semblance of a routine forming I think it will pick up again. It's been a beautiful time for us, and with Hershel coming I know everything will only continue being magical.