***When Kids Color my Drawings***


 I've been creating some more worksheets, preparing tutoring class materials and making oral and written exams for the kids! One of my favorite teaching materials are my drawings .////. Of course I use a variety of things but you know... drawing nice captures their attention! Especially the younger ones! So the second grade teacher asked me to make a worksheet with my drawings to help the kids learn hair and eye features, and I was very happy to be able to do it!

Today in class the kids got to color in the worksheets with the activity we did with it! I've drawn pictures for kids before and had them color it in a lot over the years, but this was the first time I used my drawings in an actual worksheet, and had so many work on it at once! I loved seeing the colors the kids used and how they colored it! I was only sad I didn't have a better quality camera than my iPod touch with me .-. But I did get to capture one of the kids in the act!

We have a new English teacher! I am quickly bonding with her and we became fast friends! Her English is very good, though I do wish we could talk more in Spanish, honestly. My Spanish needs to improve ;-; Josh and I speak English most of the time and when I talk to my family and friends it's all in English haha XD