***2013 Carry On Contents***

OH BOY I'M EXCITED I'M ABLE TO MAKE THIS POST. I've been having to do a lot of errands, packing, and friend and family bonding and I didn't think I'd be able to do this second to last post for the year. What's the last post? HMMM check tomorrow at noon to see what the last big post of 2013 will be! But for now, let me fill you in. My family and I will be leaving for Bolivia to celebrate their 25th anniversary! They're renewing their vows and we're making a big deal of it and it's going to be really cool. My brother and I haven't been to Bolivia in the past 7 years and a lot has changed... especially us. I was 16 the last time I was there now I'm 24 ARE YOU KIDDING. We're looking forward to seeing our family and being there as a whole family! 

Now, something I really love doing before travelling is watching Travel Essential videos on youtube. They do me no good because most of them talk about all the makeup they're bringing and they're travelling within the United States, so most of their flights are less than 10 hours long. We're taking three flights and the total of the trip will be over 20 hours. I would like to make this post for my peeps who ever travel internationally and need things like toothbrushes, a change of clothes and something to occupy them for longer than an hour or two.

First off is my clear bag. I see that a lot of gurus like to bring things like spray for their face, eye depuffing strips, a full cosmetics bag to undo and redo their makeup for when they get on and off the plane... I'm not about that life. If I've learned anything from the amount of travelling I've done this year is how to pack properly for international flights and what's ok to bring and what you're better off just packing in your checked bag. I need my toothbrush and toothpaste for the morning after, a tiny deodorant for if I feel funky, moisturizing lotion for my face at night and a little bit in the morning (your face won't melt off if you don't use a special and expensive face lotion guys come on.) a face cleanser for if I feel really gross (it's happened on flights before.) a small mirror, moisturizing lip balms, and Midol. For lady problems. And of course kleenex. If I find that I need anything other than this I will let you guys know but I'm 99.9% sure this is all anyone practical will ever need. I did make a Travel Essential post a while back but that was about what I take for the entire trip, not for the plane. Maybe I'll make a post on what I brought for the trip when I get there.

Because I will be going to Bolivia and there will be no need to exchange any money, I will not be bringing any money. I'm just bringing 20 bucks for the airport for any kind of emergency or anything. Plus a tiny picture wallet filled with puppy and friends pictures because I always need something like this with me at all times, my driver's license because I need some sort of identification other than my passport, and my sunglasses! This is all being kept in a wallet for easy access. This will also contain my passport and plane tickets when I get them together on the day we're travelling. Having easy access to these things is SO important, you always have to take them out and have them on hand. 

Here I have a sweater for the plane, my moleskine notebook, a pencil case, a bag filled with my precious jewelry and my camera! I carry my jewelry close to me on my carry-on because if, God forbid, our luggage gets lost, my jewelry will always be with me and safe. TRUST NO ONE. Along with this carry on, I also have another one that has a change of clothes, my dress for the wedding and the shoes for this same exact reason. We can't afford to lose our dresses. Mom and I have our dresses stored in our extra carry-ons just in case of anything. We may be without clothes for a while but we cannot be without our wedding attire. We are risking nothing.

And my electronics~ I'm bringing my Macbook Pro which I have named Pink Champagne, my 3DSXL with a few games I have yet to finish, my iPod, my white BOSE headphones and a bag with some chargers for all this stuff. I'm not bringing my iPad because it's technically not mine, it belongs to the school and if something happens to it I will feel so bad and will never be able to get over it so no iPad on this trip :( I am bringing my phone, though, so I'll be able to do whatever non-wifi things I can do on my iPad on my phone. Except play Spelltower. And Mystery Room. And the Ace Attorney games WAHHHHH ok so clearly there are things I cannot do on my phone that I can only do on my precious iPad... I guess I could download those things on my iPod though so... I'll think about it. 

Yesterday was dedicated to packing. Poor mom and dad were on our case to get it done but they underestimated me. I've had to pack in much worse situations and with much less time. I had no problem packing all my clothes and necessities and my carry-on *proud*. I'm a little scared about getting there because our house doesn't have wifi. Dad's thinking about getting temporary wifi installed but if we don't get that done I'm going to have to wander around internet cafes and cousins houses and steal internet that way. I have needs. They have to understand. I will try to blog from there, but no promises. I'm taking my camera and will be taking many, many pictures so I will definitely have material to blog if not while I'm there, when I get back!