***All the Manga***


You see that top shelf? All those books are mine. I bought them all in Spain (except for the GRE book, of course.) The second shelf is Josh's shelf (notice how many less books there are.) All these books are Spanish comics, graphic novels and artbooks! Everywhere we went, we looked for comic book stores, so there's a mix of a lot of languages in there XD We are both really excited to be taking these books back with us so we can have them on our bookshelves <3 The only problem is that... there's a lot... and I hope it won't become a problem on our way back home .-.

So instead of the "Sum-up" posts in June, since I'm doing the 30 snap challenge, I'm putting my life updates as they come!

I'm still feeling sick. My throat has gotten worse, but my fever went away and I have a little more energy than last night. I didn't do ANYTHING today. It felt nice. Josh prepared breakfast and an early dinner and cleaned things up and ahhhh <3 I'm so happy I can depend on him to take care of me if something happens ;; Oh, I did organize my winter clothes! I'm taking back like 2 out of 3284793874 sweaters. That I love. But I can't bring everything back .-. I tried organizing my current clothes, too, but that didn't happen. I felt too crappy. 

Everything is pretty much organized in the apartment. We're trying to burn through food and make everything easy to pack up (probably Thursday or Friday) and we're easing into the time we need to leave.