***Berlin Treasure***

Berlin was not only beautiful, we found that it had a lot of goodies. I've never owned any Stabilo products before but I've seen them at the Corte Ingles in Spain, but wow, are they expensive. Since it's a German company, we found that the prices were much better and there was more variety in the pen packs. Also, there was a good selection of Staedtler products! I got some markers from them because I always use their markers to color black. Oh, and the lovely Rilakkuma case was from a store called New Tokyo! I've always wanted a legit Rilkkuma case but they're always so expensive! This one was a bit pricey but not as much as I'm used to. The other pens were just random finds in stores and the pencil sharpener is one I've had before but I could only ever find it in silver, and this one was in pink! I highly recommend Staedtler and Faber Castel pencil sharpeners because they work for a long time.

I almost didn't get the Staedtler pens on the left but I just couldn't leave them behind at such a good price. And I always intended to get the Stabilo pens because they are beautiful. I think they're more for writing than for anything else, but I can try out a few things with them!

We went to a bunch of museums, and we like to buy either a magnet or postcards of our favorite pieces so we can put it up when we go back home. The statues with the woman looking like she's bored with the world reminded Josh of me when I go to museums. I agree. And those french postcards have nothing to do with the museums but I fell in love when I saw them! Each one has a little theme and has the words in french! The notebook has gold rimmed pages and has the same feel as a Moleskine notebook.I got it at the museum with the Nefertiti bust! I won't open that until I can use it, I have too many notebooks right now XD

Something I love about the European comic market is that it is so hardcore. Each month comic and manga magazines send stores free posters to hand out and even little books with previews for upcoming manga! I didn't want ot buy any German manga because I can't make up or down of the language. If they had Kimi Ni Todoke I would have gotten it, but they didn't .-. So I settled for these two manga previews that are the same size as normal manga. So there you go, German manga and I didn't have to pay! And the Sakura thing is a clear file I found in a Japanese manga store. I love her in that outfit!

This is Spanish manga. We got to spend some hours in Malaga on the way back so we visited our favorite comic book store there. I was so happy to find volume 6 of Yaruki!!! This is a series by Inma's sister that was published a few years ago and I've been dying to get my hands on the series since I got to Spain! I'm also looking for volume 6 of 3x1, a series done by Inma a few years ago as well. This is the only store in Malaga that had her old series so I'm hoping to get lucky there before I have to go back to the States. Sweet Moments is a new series Josh found there and the couple on the front kinda looks...like...us? The story is very sweet and it's by a Spanish mangaka and we always love being able to support Spanish mangaka. Josh got me the second book in a series called "Mi Profe y Yo" which is... My Professor and I. My favorite kind of relationship :I And the other one is the first book in the series that I have the big poster of by my desk! I just got the poster in Rome because I liked the art, but I actually really love the series? Unfortunately, it's 14 volumes, and I can't afford to take them all back T-T I'm gonna have to wait (and hope) for it to come out in the US.

AND MY BEAUTIFUL NEW POSTER AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! It came for free in one of the comic book stores. I had no idea it would be this beautiful T-T ALL THE COLORS! I love seeing it in my face every time I sit at my desk haha! This is what my workspace looks like right now XD I love it more every day.