***Echo.Solaris Review***

I couldn't wait to make a post about this! I finally received my copy of Lexi's new doujinshi along with some other merchandise I ordered from her store a while back. I pre-ordered this as soon as she put it up back in February, I think. Lexi has been an art idol of mine since 2003. I'm kind of obsessed with her artwork. The doujinshi came with a free bookmark with pre-order and I got everything else separately from her store!

First off, these round postcards. She signed them for me eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <33333 I always ask her to sign whatever she possibly can when I order from her haha I like having the artist's signature on their work. I got the Tsubasa Wonderland and Penguindrum postcards. Though I wasn't really that big of a fan of Penguindrum I really loved the picture she did for it and knew I had to have it.

I didn't think the mirrors were as small as they are! I thought they'd be a little bigger but that's ok. The artwork is still super gorgeous on them. I'm really happy I get to have them in my makeup bag and carry them around with me <3

Now on to the book itself. The pairing is Ulquiorra and Orihime, characters from Bleach. I've never read Bleach. I've had no interest in reading Bleach. I got this doujinshi because Lexi made it, and I decided to read it. Wow. It is... beautiful. I've always thought Lexi's books are like works of art. The stories she writes are filled with lovely angst and the imagery she brings to them are so delicious. It was an experience reading it, and I loved it. Plus I had no idea how well endowed Orihime was until I read this, holy poop. I highly recommend getting the book if you're a fan of these characters or a fan of her work.

Link to her store here!

I found out last night that Inma was re-releasing her series, 3x1 (you know, that series Josh and I traveled all over Spain to find.) and it would be made available internationally for a reasonable shipping price!!! Read her entry here. The first volume is up to be ordered already but there is a deal where you can pre-order all three books at once, which is obviously what I did. I'M SO EXCITED TO GET THEM ALL!!! I think it is so cool that I can have both the first editions (one of which Inma sent me herself!) and the renewal books on my bookshelf <3 It's a great series, and she added some new material in these new books!

Link to the store here!