***Keep a Writer's Notebook!***


I don't think I ever mentioned on here that I gave in and finally completed my Sailor Moon collection! When I left for Spain last year, I left on volume 6 and had just finished reading volume 4. I have never read the Sailor Moon manga before so this is my first read through. I didn't want to buy anymore when I came back from Spain because I do hope to move out soon and the less things I need to move the better, but I just couldn't help myself <3 Now I have all the volumes yessss and actually the three Sailor Moon Stars volumes from the first printing. All my Sailor Moon volumes are on a shelf by themselves and they look so nice! It was convenient to be able to buy the second volumes collection all in one go in a box set. They came with stickers but the stickers are ugly and useless. I'm very proud of my collection ;;

Today an illustrator visited our school! I was a bit late attending it but I managed to catch a good amount of it. She went through her inspirations and and how she draws from real life and mixes some fantasy in there. She showed us her writer's notebook and her book drafts and it was all very inspiring. It was a great way to start the work day, though I have to admit I kinda just wanted to draw after hearing her talk. She showed us a few of her rejection letters and she got a bunch when she first started, and she made it very clear that she still gets them but she never lets that get her down. I did some research on her and she's illustrated a whole bunch of books! She's written and illustrated a few completely on her own! I was sitting there in awe and really wanted to just sketch the day away~ I've never listened to an actual illustrator give a presentation, I really enjoyed it and I will definitely be making a point to attend the Children's Book Festival in Princeton this year.

Mana has been working hard on her own book she's illustrating and she's been showing me progress shots and it looks so amazing! I really want a copy of the bound book when she comes as well as a print of an illustration she's been working very hard on!!! I wish I could post it here but I want her to post it on her own first and reveal the beauty of it!

Today I'm doing my second day of sketching. Yesterday I sketched like I used to back in Spain, which, if some of you remember, included actual sketches that would take me an hour or a little longer to complete. I've had a desire to sketch for a while but I haven't really sat down and done anything about it, until now! I think with today's inspiration it won't be too difficult to get back into the groove. The illustrator today talked about how she constantly thinks about her stories and how she's always planning and day dreaming about them. That's how I used to be before I had to think about all these grown up LIFE things. I guess I have other thoughts in my mind that I think about and worry about and has made me less available to daydream about my stories, but they're still there. I think I just need to get lost in my music like I used to. I used to put my headphones on and that was it. I could go for hours drawing and coloring and forgetting about basic human needs. OH, THOSE WERE THE DAYS. Now I come home and just want to roll around on my bed and fall asleep. What an adult I've become.

Just some thoughts to put on here. I had a very good day today and I'm happy I'm taking initiative to start drawing again.