***My First Finished Sketchbook 2013***

I finished my sketchbook on Monday!! This is kind of important because it is the first ever sketchbook I finished from beginning to end! I usually start a sketchbook, draw in it for a few pages but once I get to close to halfway or about halfway done, I buy another one and start there! These past two years I haven't been too bad with that because I promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore new ones until I finished the ones I have. I used every single page, and tried to fill up the pages the best I could. I guess I have a lot of time in Spain. That I would much rather spend drawing. 

This is the cover of my sketchbook! It's pretty big, but I love it. I love the cover, I love the paper quality, I love how many pages come in it, and I LOVE drawing in it. (Stickers didn't come included, I bought those here and stuck them on!)

 I started my sketchbook on September 4th, the second day I got to Spain. I was in the hotel they put us in and I was so tired, but my roommates didn't want to sleep so I decided to take out my sketchbook and finally start drawing in it. I only brought this empty sketchbook with me, and one other one that already had colored pictures in it. I remember at the airport, we were told my bag was too heavy so we had to take a few things out, and my mom wanted to keep my sketchbook, but I told her no! I promised I would use it!

I got so excited when I realized I was almost done! I drew a special picture on the last page that I want to post up later, but here are some previews~ I finished on April 15th!

I loved this sketchbook so much that I went on a hunt to find the same exact one. I don't think Moleskine makes this book anymore, I found it in Portugal in a small stationary store. Hefty price, but I think that makes me want to use it more. Quality sketchbook~ Now I'm raring to start on this next one, which I hope to finish as well!