***Revenge of the Queen by Inma Ruiz***

So one of my absolute favorite artists is Inma R. She's been an art idol of mine for years, I love the way she draws cute girls and the way her coloring has evolved over the years. Recently she self published the first volume of her first original manga called Revenge of the Queen. What I thought was cool about this was the fact that she had the option of getting in English or in Spanish. Me, being the lover of Spanish manga that I am, was really excited, but getting both books was a bit on the hefty side for me since I didn't exactly have money at my disposal. As soon as I had some money to spend I knew I wanted to get both volumes, not just one. So that's what I did, LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL!!! 

She has them printed on Lulu, and they print to order, so these books are basically hot off the presses~! They came packaged together.

I've read one chapter online and I fell in love! Here's a sample from the both books!

I'm really pleased that I have these books in my collection. I get to read them both and compare how the English translation compares to the Spanish one, I love doing things like that :3 I put the books next to the 6 3x1 books she did as well as O.U.T.

If you would like to purchase Revenge of the Queen, here are the links!

For the English version!

For the Spanish version!