***Special Delivery***

Something exciting happened the other day!

I don't think I mention how much I love my art idols enough on my own blog. Those who know me know that I LOVE them and support them in any way I can. One of my top art idols is Inma R. She's been one of my top art idols for about... four or five years, I'd say. I love the way she uses colors and how her girls come out, and how simple yet complicated her style is. I strive for this (*-*)9 I really look up to her a lot and I think one of the main reasons for this is that she had her first series published pretty early on (in my opinion!) and it's called 3x1. Unfortunately  it was only printed in Spain and I had been unable to get my hands on it for a while, until Josh came to study in Spain for 6 months and he found volumes 1-5 in a store in Malaga! I thought there were only 5 volumes, but when I looked it up, it turned out there were 6 volumes and the sixth one was nowhere to be found :( So when I came to Spain, one of the first things I did was look up where I could find it. Well it's almost time for me to go, and I had looked in A LOT of shops. And online. And I couldn't find it anywhere. I was so sad. So I sent Inma a message on tumblr asking her if she knew of anywhere that could still sell the book...

And she told me she'd send it to me.

I was ecstatic!! UNDERSTATEMENT. I was just really happy I can't explain.

And I received it today!

I asked her if she could sign it for me (Like I do with anything she puts up for sale or could send me) and here it is <3! I am so grateful to her for doing something so sweet and it really made my entire stay in Spain <3! Like seriously, I would have been so upset if I had to go back to the States without finding the book. So a search that is almost two years old is finally done, I am so happy.