***Unzipped with Roses***


Hello everyone! It's been a week and I wanted to update on here <3 School is now out for the year, congratulations to all you graduates! Working at a school has prepared me for June, the month of new beginnings! This is actually my first year in a yearbook, so I'm very excited to receive it! The students won't be in the school anymore and it'll just be a few faculty members working throughout the summer... myself included. I'm excited about this because there's lots of exciting things to work on for the next school year! I've been focusing a lot on work lately so there isn't much going on besides that, but I did want to share a few things!


The other day I decided to actually clean up my makeup station. It still looks awful but it's a million times less cluttered! I got rid of a lot of things I was just hanging on to for variety, but I was missing a lot of makeup I would rather use than the same things I always use. I have so much lip balm it's actually a problem. I'm very happy with my makeup now~


I now have a beautiful magical-girl looking pair of promise rings <3 This ring actually looks like a symbol I used to use as a watermark for my art when I was much younger. Before I knew it was a thing, I used a heart with a crown and wings a lot in my art! I saw this ring in Pandora and couldn't take my eyes off it. Josh got it for me and we didn't realize until we bought it and I put it on how perfectly it goes with my promise ring. The diamonds look like they are raining drown from the top ring and it looks all ~~~magical~~~ I'm thankful I have someone so considerate and thoughtful as my partner <3

Today was my first day with a different schedule than I've had all year, so my friend and I decided to go out and have a good time! We stopped at Panera and let me just say my newest obsession are salads with fruit and a sweet dressing. I never thought I would like salads like these but wow I can't stop eating them!!! If I see them on a menu I order them without looking at the rest of the options. This is a definite favorite for the summer.


On our girl date we decided to be cool kids and take out our makeup bags and take pictures! She actually has a makeup bag now and I love her taste in makeup so I was really curious to see what she had.


And mine is the one with Vera Bradley! From left to right, I have some hair stuff, a necklace a student gave me with our school symbol on it, Sparkle Teeth Tablets from Lush that whiten your teeth after drinking coffee or something, My Escada Paradise perfume, Baby Lips, Clinique hand lotion, a Clinique rose lipstick and mascara Bare Minerals eyeshadow for touch-ups, , Pantone Universe lip gloss, a Sephora mini mirror, my Chanel lipstick and a Revlon lip gloss. I keep everything in a Vera Bradley makeup bag.


And of course the entire point of our trip was to pick up some makeup from Ulta. I've never actually gone before and it was a pretty positive experience. I picked up my new summer scent which could very possibly be my new signature scent. It's been Escada's Cherry in the Air but they discontinued it and if they ever make it again I would totally switch back, but I gotta say I fell in love with Dolce and Gabbana's Rose the One. It's the sweetest smell of roses and ~sophistication~ and while walking around the store I couldn't stop sniffing myself XD Once again I left the Naked 3 and opted for Lorac's Unzipped. The colors in this palette are so, so beautiful and I know I'll use every color (how many natural colors can a girl have before it becomes ridiculous?) It also comes with an eye primer (which I don't use but now I have a small sample of primer AND eye primer so I guess there's a first time for everything?). I was very happy to be able to splurge... but yeah this was a definitely a splurge day.