***What's in my Bag 2013***

I've been really excited to make this post for a while! I LOVE watching beauty gurus on youtube show their purse contents and I like doing them every once in while, too.

I got my purse at Aldo a few weeks ago. I've been on the lookout for a nice leather purse since I've gotten back. I'm always on the prowl for a nice bag. When I saw this one, I fell in love! I have no trouble finding anything in here. My problem is that I love big purses because I love taking a lot of things around with me. Lately I have some essentials that i stick to and don't feel the need to carry a whole lot of things with me so I was in need of a smaller purse.

I found this beauty at Bed Bath and Body Works. I love anything fox related. I don't use hand sanitizer but when I saw this I knew I had to find a reason to XD After smelling the ones they had I decided on Sweet Clementine. I love how sweet it smells and it was one of the few scents that didn't make me want to eat my hand.

This is my wallet and my cellphone! These two go in the front pocket of the purse so they're easily accessible. My wallet is big enough to carry my car keys, a lip balm and my phone. Sometimes I need to step out of the house to do tiny things like grocery shopping or go to the pharmacy and I don't need to bring my whole purse with me, so I take out my wallet and put my phone in it and just take that with me. Originally this was an idea I thought up of so I had an excuse to buy such a pretty wallet ;P But I love this system, there isn't as much of a hassle to leave the house anymore!

My beautiful phone <333 I change cases on it so often XD One of them has a stand and I've been with it for about a month and it's one of my favorites, but I recently found this case and um how could I not, are you seeing this? The inside is my favorite shade of pink and the outside IS RILAKKUMA. The only thing I don't like is that I don't have a stand anymore :( But my phone looks bangin' so it's all good. The wallpaper on my phone is done by Jo.

Ok so I'm a bit of an organization freak and I use a lot of cases in my purse. Each one has a purpose and is really cute. My strawberry case holds my change, mostly quarters for meters and stuff. Josh got it for me in Granada <3

My unicorn case (made by Celesse and here it is!) holds my 3DSXL which I've named Bobba. I play two games on her: Paper Mario and Animal Crossing! I play Animal Crossing every day and I'm kinda stuck on Paper Mario.

This little wallet is from Vera Bradley and holds my music devices. I have a Sansa Clip in purple and an iPod 4th gen. Once my iPod kicks the bucket (which I suspect is soon, none of my Apple products have lasted longer than 3 years) I'm going to look into a different mp3 device. I loved my iPod in Spain because I had a portable wifi device, but now that I'm home I have my smartphone and don't need the wifi on it anymore. So I want to get an mp3 player that just stores and plays my music. I don't need it for any other reason. That little Wonder Woman was given to me by Josh when we went to Six Flags last year. He said she looked like me .////. Also I keep my charging cables in here sometimes if I know I'm going somewhere for a long time.

My makeup bag! I got my makeup bag here and it was Made by Bing! I think I need a bigger makeup bag. I'm getting more into makeup and like to have more things on me when I go out. I just discovered Oil absorbing sheets and ughhhhhh I love them! I didn't even know something like this existed. BUT IT DOES AND IT'S WONDERFUL. My skin gets dry in winter and oily in summer :L I have like four different lip balms, 3 smells to choose from, two lotions (one isn't shown here), hair ties and Motrin if I ever need it. I used to carry around an entire bottle of Motrin with me and I just want to express how bad of an idea this was. I don't think anyone should ever carry entire bottles of pain killers with them. I think it makes you more likely to take them. These little packs are great because you can keep one or two on you if you need it and you refill as you see fit. Plus it keeps people from stealing your pain killers. 

I carry a tiny pencil case with me and a few pens and pencils. I used to carry A LOT more but my bag would get so heavy it pained me to take it anywhere. So now I only take a few around. I keep my planner with me as well as a notebook to write or draw in. I don't carry a sketchbook with me anymore because honestly, I almost never draw outside my house anymore. It just adds tot he weight of my purse and it's annoying. If I know I'm going somewhere I'll have time to draw I'll take it with me, but otherwise, no.

What's in my bag 11.jpg

The last few items I have with me at all times are my sunglasses, gum, my ultra moisturizing lotion and something to read. Right now I'm reading Inma's 3x1, a Spanish manga she published a while back. I finally have all the volumes and want to finish reading the series <3 She's one of my favorite artists. Something not pictured that I carry with me sometimes is my camera which I used to take these pictures. I don't take it out with me often because my phone has such a great camera, but I do if I know I'm going to be taking pictures for the blog so they come out in really nice quality!