What's in my Work Bag 2014

I've been trying to think of a good way to start blogging again but I always end up second guessing myself. I decided to go with a post that I have recently been getting into because I enjoy seeing what people like to bring with them when they need to be productive! So this is going to be a What's in my Work Bag post!

I don't want to write much about the details of my work life, but I think it's a great thing for women to write about their jobs! Or for anyone to take any passion in the small things, really. I love seeing what's in other people's work bags, but I couldn't find many in the blogging and vlogging world. I'll throw mine into the shallow pool~ For now, the most I'll say about my work life is that I work at a school as an Instructional Technology Coordinator. There's a fun story behind that that I'll save for another time.

Now that you know what I do, here's what I carry to work!

Michael Kors Signature Tote - The bag that carries everything with me to work! This was a spontaneous purchase. I've always been on the hunt for a reliable black tote bag that could fit what I needed for work in style. I've been using my Vera Bradley Vera tote for a while and as much as I love that bag, I don't feel as stylish as I do with this one. My Vera is reliable and beautiful, but the weather is getting colder and this bag fits the weather very nicely. It's big enough for just what I need to work and doesn't tempt me to carry as much as I possibly can like my Vera does. The side pockets are perfect for fitting my phone and iPod Touch so I know exactly where they are when I need them.

Phone : I carry a Samsung Galaxy Note II, and I've been ridiculed the entire time I've had it because of its size. I never minded because honestly, I love my big screen. It's not a hassle to carry around nor has it ever annoyed me. The only things that really bother me about it is that I can't just put it in my pocket and go grocery shopping and there aren't many cute cases for it. Thank goodness I'm a handbag junkie and don't carry much of anything in my pockets anyway and I found the cutest case by Dana Fox on Casetify. I have two weenie dogs, brown and black, and they are the loves of my life! When I saw she had a case up with the cutest watercolor dachshunds, I had to snatch it up. Before this case I had a really bulky case with a stand which doubled my phone's size, but wow it was useful. Now my phone is thin and cute and easily found in my purse~ Oh, and no one bothers me about the size anymore because of the iPhone 6 Plus release. I think it's so funny how so many people had issues with bigger phones and then comes along Apple with the iPhone 6 and suddenly everyone's a fan (including me, I want one so bad)!

iPod Touch - I have never been a fan of putting music on my phone. I listen to my music a lot and if I had to do that and also depend on my phone to have battery all day I just don't think I could do it. I have my iPod touch that gives me battery life up to a full day and a half of use! I only put music specific apps on there like Pandora and Spotify, and I also have my own music I store in case I can't find anything I like. I've had this iPod Touch for over three years now and she's still going strong! 

Keys - I keep my work fob on a lanyard for work and I have my car keys. What I love about Michael Kors bags is that it has a little chain that keeps my keys where I'll know to find them. 

Victoria's Secret Tech Pouch - I call it a tech pouch because it is so tiny I find it hard to believe that people actually use it as a makeup case. I keep my earbuds, Sansa Clip, a flash drive and some backup SD cards in here. My Sansa Clip has a battery that lasts for months and it's really sturdy. I keep it on me just in case I ever get the need to walk or run and I need some music on me. My iPod Touch is great and has a lot of storage, but I'm terrified of dropping it and breaking it. I've dropped it once and it caused a tiny crack on the side and I've been scared of doing that again. When I exercise I can just clip this on my shirt and run without worrying about that. I have my earbuds instead of my Bose headphones because those are so big to carry. They're wonderful on trips but a hassle for everyday, so I keep these instead!

Camera Pouch - I got this wallet from Vera Bradley for my 23rd birthday right before my boyfriend and I went to work and live in Spain. I used it there as my primary wallet and never changed it out. I love this wallet, but now that I'm back in the States I have a need for a bigger one. It's just big enough for my beloved camera which I also took with me to Spain, so I decided to put them together! The Wonder Woman keychain is a gift from Josh from our first Six Flags trip together. He thought she looked like me so he got her for me.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Wallet - This is probably my favorite thing in my purse and the best wallet I've owned in years. This is my first designer wallet and it was an impulse purchase earlier this year. I had always yearned for Marc by Marc Jacobs but could never justify the price tag. One day I saw this perfect pink wallet and just decided to go for it. It has served me well. It's luxurious and useful, something I learned goes hand in hand with Marc by Marc Jacobs. I'll get into that later as well. But yes, my wallet is wonderful and I don't know what I'd do without it.

Coach Wallet - This is my coupon wallet. I got this as a gift last year from one of the parents of the school I work at and I fell in love. I couldn't believe that someone had given me such a thoughtful gift! I always keep this on me, not as a wallet, but as a place I store my coupons for shopping. I can't use it as an actual wallet because I have too many things, but it's perfect as a discount holder.

Pastel Moleskine and Pens - This little Moleskine came in a pack of three with a pastel yellow and a lilac notebook. I've carried a Writer's Notebook with me for as long as I can remember, and they've always been very big and bulky and take up a lot of space. I like this tiny notebook to keep quotes or gift ideas for people. 

Blogging Notebook - I also have this blogging notebook where I plan posts and ideas as well as sketch if I ever get time during the day. I used to carry a sketchbook everywhere I went but then I got self conscious about what I was drawing in there and then I found that I hate small sketchbooks. I need them to be large! And I need my space to draw. This is a Japanese notebook my dad gave me and I keep it close <3 

Agenda - I have a simple agenda from Staples where I keep things like doctor's appointments, hang out dates and important dates that I need to remember. I use Google Calendar for work, but I use this for my personal stuff~ 

Advil - I like keep a small amount of pain killers on me just in case I ever need it!

Gum - Yes I have a huge bag of gum in my purse WHAT OF IT. I love Trident White and I would buy packs and packs at a time but I also ran out, so I just got a big bag and it's been lasting me a while. 

Business Cards - I have my illustration business cards as well as my work business cards. I need to desperately update my Illustrator business cards ;-;

Makeup bag - I'll keep the contents of a makeup bag for another post, but I keep my Vera Bradley large makeup bag in my purse just in case.

I get asked sometimes why I don't carry my art supplies, art pouches or a sketchbook with me, and that's because I usually know when I'm going to need them. If I want to doodle I do it in my blogging notebook, otherwise I keep everything on my desk or in my weekend/art bag which I will also explore in another post! What do you keep in your work bag? Is it very different from what you carry in your purse?