Welcome to Rosegold Fox

Hello everyone! I'm very happy to announce my new website and the place where I can officially call my home online! I'm planning on having a separate post on exactly why I decided on going with Squarespace, but to put it briefly, Squarespace was the only place that gave me exactly what I wanted. Since I started blogging a couple of years ago, I always wanted a place I could display my artwork and sketches as well as be able to rant and rave about my life and beauty. I've been on Blogger for a while but I was never happy with the way I had to upload photos and the limitations on the design. I've decided to move on from Blogger to here and shut down my old blog. Because I've been blogging for a few years, however, I decided to bring over a few entries from my old blog because I really liked them! Any entry with *** in the beginning of it was brought over from my old blog and onto this new one, so if you read those entries and they seem out of order or inaccurate because of their date, that's why. I'm not completely finished bringing over the entries I wanted from my old blog, so I'll be updating with them over time. They'll show up with the *** group before this entry because I want to keep them separate from the newer posts that will be on here!

I wanted to introduce myself a bit for new readers. I've had a bit of a gap between blogging on there and deciding to keep blogging on here. I had a lot of fun setting everything up on here and I hope my design is easy on the eyes. I've wanted to create a name for my area on the web and for a while it was Catching Stars, but now it's Rosegold Fox. You can call me Deanna, I enjoy drawing, beauty and fashion. You'll find a mix of these things on my blog. Anything else I can think of is already on the About Me section!