Snowflakes and Hot Chocolate

It's been over a month since I updated on here and there are reasons for that. Hershel's been taking up a lot of our time (and we love that <3) but the new year started out as a not so pleasant one. Things have stabilized and things couldn't be better, so I would like to return to writing again. It's not that I don't want to write about the bad times, but I like looking at my blog as a place I can go to when I need some sunshine. I would like people to feel happy here, so maybe I'll save those not so happy entries for another time. 

If you've been keeping up with me on my Twitter and Instagram you can see just how much our lives have been taken over by the little one. I can't believe the last post I put up here was talking about getting Hershel in a few days! I would like to write about the preparation that we went through as new dog owners to help others in similar situations and also about what worked and what didn't. Josh and I are completely obsessed with our little one and feel like he's a blessing we never knew we needed. Ah, I'll get mushy and love-y in upcoming entries, but not this one.

I've fallen behind on my drawings. I've felt a strange disconnect for a while with my art, and suddenly from one day to another I wasn't drawing anything anymore. I promised this year that I would try harder and actually sit down like I used to and draw anything and whatever came to my mind. When we lived in Spain I used to dedicate days to just drawing in my sketchbook and uploading the results online (You should check that out in my Sketchbook for 2012-2013, it was pretty great). I've been fleshing out my style a bit more and I hope it can be seen when I upload more here. I'm very excited for some new entires I have planned that are coming up! I hope you all enjoy the content I have planned~