Hershel the Little King

I come form a family that has always had Dachshunds. My grandma had them when she was younger, my mom had them when she was younger and I grew up with two beautiful dachshunds, my Miles and my Nena. I've always known that I was going to get a dachshund (or a few) when I left my home, it was just a matter of when. When Josh and I moved in together in November, he was working long hours and wouldn't get home until 8 or sometimes 9. I get home around 5 so I had a lot of time to myself which was great for like a week, but then it started getting lonely. I missed being with my family and my puppies at home, but I also didn't want to just be at my house until Josh came home. One day I asked if we could start looking for puppies. Josh was ok with looking but we both didn't think we would find one.


Honestly I didn't know where to start looking, so for a few days I did research on that. We wanted to adopt a puppy but I wasn't budging on getting a Dachshund. We found some about two hours from where we live, but their adoption processes were pretty extreme to us. On top of filling out applications and having people visit our home, they didn't want the puppies to be placed in apartments. So that was a dead end. I then stumbled upon puppies on Puppy Find. We found two puppy brothers that were about two hours away from us. Their names were Dalton and Dexter. Dalton is a black dapple dachshund and Dexter was a white piebald dapple dachshund. I had never seen a Dachshund these colors before so I was intrigued. Dalton was less expensive than his brother because Dexter was white and had blue eyes, I guess. Honestly I don't know why they were priced differently and I never asked. 

Josh and I talked it over and decided we weren't ready for a puppy yet. We had just moved in about a month before and were still getting used to our bearings. I couldn't get the puppies out of my mind and contacted the breeder on a whim. I was surprised when she contacted me back immediately suggesting we chat over the phone to discuss details. We exchanged some information and by the end of that phone call we had a date to go visit the puppies. We were thinking that we would go see them and use it as preparation for when we were ready to adopt a puppy. Typing this out I realize how our decision was practically made from the start! After church on Sunday, we made the drive to the breeders. She had a family and her house was very nice! We were so nervous meeting the puppies for the first time. 

There they were in a crate in the middle of the living room. I don't know how to describe our first meeting with the puppies. We went in knowing we weren't going to get them, but if we would even consider it we were going to get Dalton, mostly because of the price. So our main focus was him. We tried to play with him but he kept jumping around he was so excited! His brother on the other hand was very affectionate. He kept laying on my lap and kissing my hand. I kept putting him aside trying to play with Dalton but Dexter kept coming back and laying his head on my legs. I'll never forget the feeling that took over. The meeting with the breeder went by very quickly, and we eventually had to leave. On the drive home, Josh and I had a very serious discussion. It was mostly me telling him how Dexter had captured my heart, and I knew we initially wanted Dalton but Dexter just stuck with me. We also hypothetically came up with names for him because the name "Dexter" just wasn't for us. I suggested Hershel, after our favorite puzzle game Professor (and whose game Josh used to propose to me), and we both had a moment with it. After many hours of talking and debating and calculating, we came to a decision. 


We scheduled to bring Hershel home on December 19th, 2014. We decided to wait two weeks because that's when I started my Winter vacation for two weeks in my job. We would use those two weeks to get him used to his new home and us as his new parents. I will never forget the amount of research I did to make sure we did everything correctly for his arrival. We bought everything we thought he could need and more. I couldn't find the food the breeder was feeding him so we asked if she could give us a baggy with it when we picked him up and she happily obliged! We had to decide a lot of things during those two weeks. What size crate should we get? What food should we feed him? Are we getting him neutered? Are we buying gates for the apartment? Will he have pet insurance? I think I watched every single "Puppy Ready" video available on Youtube before his arrival. Our parents didn't really approve of us getting a puppy yet and we didn't blame them! But he was coming and we knew what kind of responsibility that meant.

I'm going to break up Hershel's story into parts because I tried writing it all out in one big post and oh my gosh it is just too long. I figured I could either cut the story short or have multiple posts so I decided to go with the latter. I'm really enjoying writing about our newest family member so please check back for the next part of his story!