Valentine's Day 2015


Valentine's Day has always been a weird day for Josh and I. This was the first year we got to spend it together without worrying about being home on time, cleaning or being responsible. First of all it was on a Saturday so I think that was a great start to the day. We made homemade pizza the night before and went to bed late and slept in the next morning. I got him a tea tumbler and some of his favorite Godiva chocolates along with some delicious teas since he's been wanting to drink tea more often in the morning than coffee. I had also planned on drawing him a card and did try, but I felt like it was lackluster and didn't give it to him yet.


He got me this huge box of chocolates that I was like OH NO because I have been trying harder to lost some weight for the wedding ;-; But we did get to indulge a bit and eat some <3 He got me a few other gifts and I was just on a cloud all day >0< We went to the mall in the morning to exchange something and ended up coming out with a new treat for me~

I always chicken out every time we go into Michael Kors but this time we were able to get me something I've been wanting for a while <3 I picked up a few goodies for Hershel as well and we head home to spend a lovely weekend together. We planned on keeping it very low key this year and I'm so glad we did. We had leftover pizza for lunch and lay around watching Dance Moms and eating chocolates. Our lives have gotten pretty hectic lately so it was really wonderful to be able to spend time with one another and do absolutely nothing.

February 14th was also Hershel's 5 month birthday! Now we don't celebrate month birthdays with him but we felt it was appropriate to get him a treat if we were going to have them, too! We went Cats and Dogs Rule in Princeton and picked him up some doggy treats which he enjoyed at home! We had been planning on celebrating with his cousins the next day but the weather was absolutely awful .-. Next month is his 6 month birthday and that one actually will be a big deal for two reasons. It will officially be 3 months since we got him and he will be halfway to one year old <3 We had a very cozy day.


We went to a late dinner to one of our favorite restaurants for thai food! We used to go to Penang a lot when Josh worked at the school with me before he went home at night, and we had not eaten there in a long time so we figured it would be a nice treat! We saw to our delight that it was snowing! Snow is also something very significant in our relationship. The first snow of the season happened when we first said "I love you" to one another in 2010. We were standing in our spot which is high enough to overlook where we live now and when Josh said it, snowflakes hit our heads. It was so romantic <3 So every time it snows we get a warm feeling inside with the sweet memory. After eating we headed to watch 50 Shades of Grey. We tried reading the book and absolutely hated it. The writing was enough for us to just shut it and never revisit it. When we heard a movie was coming out we knew we had to go for a laugh. It did not disappoint. While we stood in line with everyone else waiting to go in we saw this blizzard starting up outside and knew we had to dig our cars out after the movie but it was so worth it! I'm always very happy to be able to draw Josh something for our special days. I might make a post on past drawings I've made for him over the past four and a half years! Here's last years Valentine's Day if you want to see~

Back to the card! We didn't end up exchanging cards because we honestly have been very busy and any time we have we try to dedicate to wedding planning. Neither of us were upset and knew that one day we would give each other a card! Well I got some time last week and was able to draw up and craft a new card I was more proud of than that one I worked on before. When it comes to Valentine's Day I try to make the card actually feel like a card instead of a full blown illustration. It was also the first time I was able to draw something real in over 6 months? I'm really proud of it! Josh gave me his card, too. He was sad his wasn't drawn like he always did before but his card brought happy tears to my eyes ;-; It's our last Valentine's Day before we get married! I think we had a nice last hurrah, huhu~ And because I'm really proud of how my card came out here are some close ups! It's also the first time I got to draw Hershel. He is much more complicated to color than my Miles or Nena, but I think I did him justice. Oh and instead of drawing m this time I drew Vixena! I've missed drawing her a lot so I saw a chance and grabbed it.