***White and Silver Frames***

I was going through my old blog up on Blogger yesterday and I was reading the entries from back then and felt so nostalgic. Though Blogger was a pain in the butt, I can't deny I used to update there more than I do on here. I'm currently trying to fix that and get back on my blogging kick! I would like to start Flashback Fridays here where I can post some of my favorite entries from my old blog because it's private and isn't accessible to anyone but me. There were some of my lifestyle entries that aren't really current and can't come over, but there are some like this one that are very special and I would like to have them on my blog here as well. Any entry with this in the title *** is a Flashback entry! This entry is White and Silver frames and it features an illustration I did for two very special people for their wedding day last year <3 It was the first real illustration I did in a while and I'm very proud of it! You can now find this illustration under the Illustrations tab in the navigation bar. I know I haven't updated that since I started my blog, but if you're interested in seeing my illustration from over the years you can head over there!