Office and Living Room Tour


Hello everyone~ I wanted to give a tiny tour of our office and workspace in the apartment. I’ve done bedroom tours and office tours in the past (dating back to 2008, wow.) and I didn’t want to get so into it this time.

Josh and I lived in an apartment in Spain and that was our first place together, but we felt like it didn’t count so much because none of the furniture was ours and we weren’t living our lives like we do here. It was through that experience that we got to see what it was like to live with one another and we found it was exactly what we had thought it was going to be. It’s like one long sleepover with your best friend! Sure there were some snags that we had to work on but overall it has been a really nice experience. It’s our home with our puppy and we love it.

My desk has always had a lot of things going on but since we moved in its main use has been for me to sit down and pay bills on. I have drawings from Amanda and Josh hanging over it that I like looking at when I tend to wander. My intention was to spend more time there than I actually do. It’s still there ^^; Work consumes my life, though and all Hershel wants to do when I get home is play on the couch.

A room I don’t spend enough time in is our office. I think it was intended to be the dining room area but we combined that with the living room and were left with a nice amount of space. When we moved in the first thing we did was go buy some new furniture for the office. We had been looking forward to stocking up on bookshelves for such a long time! And it was Josh’s first time in Ikea~ So it was a pretty great trip all around! We got one big bookshelf that we planned to make our manga bookshelf and a pink bookshelf for me because… well, it’s pink? And I didn’t even know they made pink bookshelves? I use my pink bookshelf for my art supplies, art books, doujinshi and my Spanish manga. It’s a really fun bookshelf that I like to get inspiration from~


Ah, one of my favorite corners! This is where Josh and I keep our combined art supplies. This corner desk used to belong to my dad when I was a baby. It was part of another desk but this one stayed with us. When I had my office in the basement of my house I used to use this corner to draw and lay out all my art supplies. Now we both use it! We keep our paper, paints, craft supplies and everything else in here! Above it hang prints from my favorite artists and a commission that I got done by my number one art idol, Lexi. She drew Vixena for me in… 2010 I want to say. I’ve had it framed and protected ever since. It’s one of my favorite items I own!

Moving onto the living and dining room! We’ve combined three bookshelves from Ikea and moved our dvds, books and manga into one big space. Josh and I have always had this idea to have the latest video game consoles and big bookshelves that housed our entire collections! Well, we don’t have that exactly but we came close and we’re very please with it. Our manga bookshelf is divided between shojo and shonen. When we put our collections together they came pretty close to being split down the middle! We’re very proud of our collection if only because it’s composed of series we really love. If our internet ever goes out we know our bases will be covered and we’ll be ok on entertainment~ Josh has a Star Wars shelf from the gifts I got him for his birthday this year and a shelf for his books that he brought. They’re actually educational. I didn’t bring any of my books nor figures because I just figured… I don’t really need them here. My figures are nice, but I haven’t collected any in so long and they take up space that we don’t have anymore XD He did the same with his figures. When we move into a house we’ll probably bring more things over, but we need to be careful with our belongings right now.

photo 2.jpg

The TV sits on top of where we put our router, modem, WiiU, Wii, Nintendo 64, Playstation 4 and Apple TV. It’s a work in progress. We probably won’t upgrade anything until we move into a house or condo in the future. Our TV is fine for the size place we have now and it serves its purpose well! Beside that is our movie and series shelf. This is pretty bare because we didn’t want to bring over EVERYTHING. We brought some essentials and mixed them with our video games. In the center is our coffee table my family so generously gave us! I have a love/hate relationship with it because it takes up so much space. If it was just a tiny bit smaller the living room wouldn’t look as small, but I love that I can do work on it. This is where we keep our controllers and our laptops for when we need to work using more than just our PCs. Hershel’s crate sits between the sofa and our lounge chair. We used to put Hershel in his crate overnight but lately we like letting him sleep with us!

This is just a tiny look into our first home together. I can’t say I’ve felt a greater peace than when I sit on the sofa with Josh and Hershel and watch a show or movie together. I might update with a look into the bathroom or bedroom in another post! I’m very proud of our home and am always looking into new ways to refreshing it~