Some Fabulous Years

Over the years Josh and I have given each other illustrations as cards for special occasions. I usually give him the picture as soon as it's finished and almost never document it. Now that we're living together we have all our illustrations together in a box and in frames around the apartment. I got a chance to look through them and It's pretty amazing how much time has passed. I kept a folder of everything he ever gave me and so did he. Unlike me, he kept his drafts of the pictures in one place. Mine are all over the place. I remember drawing these but over time I just kind of forgot what they all looked like! The Five Things I Adore About You book has more details here.

I have to admit the earlier pictures are more embarrassing .////. But they are all filled with love. I sent one of these to Josh while he was in Spain for 6 months! They all have a story. I got to see them all in one place and wanted to share them here. They are pretty personal but I'm so proud of them.

I think out of all of them I loved this one the most. I gave Josh this card for Valentine's Day while we were living in Spain. We didn't have the access to our art supplies as much as we did in our homes in the U.S.A so we had to make do with what we had. I used homemade parchment that we bought in one of our places we visited and drew some of our most significant moments. Josh and I were looking through the pictures and we found this one and each panel has a little memory from our time in Spain. What we ate for breakfast, how we spent our time together, how he used to wait for me outside my job every day! Then that last one was from the day we started dating. Not part of our Spain experience but still important.

My other favorite one is this one. I gave this to him on our 4th anniversary which is also the same day he proposed. I actually hadn't been drawing in so long and I thought I would just buy him a heartfelt card but decided against it at the last minute. I'm so happy I decided to draw him something for our anniversary and keep with our tradition. I hope we always draw each other pictures for special occasions because I think those are our best illustrations. 

Thank you for being my biggest inspiration all these years, Josh. Thank you for always pushing me towards my dreams and reminding me that I am capable of achieving them. I love you.