Weekend Haul: Anthropologie, Lush, MAC and More!

I’ve fallen behind! I’ve wanted to update with a Flashback Friday but we had two snow days in a row and I ended up immersing myself in work at home. Now that I have some downtime I just wanted to write a haul post. You know when you have times that all you want to do is be out and just be nice to yourself? That was this weekend for me. I don’t have them very often but when I do, I tend to go all out. They’re not all specific items that I intended to get, but they always end up satisfying that need~

After cleaning all day on Thursday, I decided to go out on Friday for a little bit since I was going to be home with Hershel. I got him some treats and some new toys and also stopped into Anthropologie. There’s something about that place that just makes me want to stay for ages. I walked around the store for about an hour and I walked out with these goodies! The Darling Dachshunds cloth has been something I’ve been wanting for over a year but never actually got until I found reason to. The two other cloths with gold on them were on sale and seeing as how we didn’t have any in the kitchen, I figured I’d snatch them up. The two mugs have sketches from New York City and Paris and are the perfect size for relaxing on the couch with a cup of tea, which is something Josh and I have been doing a lot lately since giving up coffee for Lent. New York City and Paris happen to be our two favorite cities, and they are complimented to beautifully with these sketchy scenes <3 I instantly fell in love and now they sit in our cupboard at home! The last bit I got is a rose lip balm. I have to admit it was the packaging that got me. It’s beautiful with a gold top and clear body and the product itself is very hydrating. I’m using it right before I go to bed to make sure my lips aren’t chapped in the morning!

The next day Josh wanted some time to relax so I headed to the mall on my own. I don’t usually shop at Lush but I stopped in there to see the new products they had out for Spring. I don’t take baths so I don’t use bath bombs, but I like seeing them work! I’ve never used any of the products I got so this was exciting! I got a shampoo bar which smells like a campfire ;-; I thought the product itself would be so great that the smell wouldn’t bother me, but it does ;-; I guess as long as you use a lot of conditioner it’s ok. It has a really nice lather but it’s very drying. I got two massage bars in Pearl and Wiccy Magic Muscles and I LOVE using these. They not only smell amazing they are super hydrating. I wanted to try Shimmy Shimmy and the Lustre Body Powder because anything that makes you sparkle is always worth trying. And I also picked up two soaps in Sultana of Soaps and Somewhere Over the Rainbow which Josh and I are head over heels for! The only one I wouldn’t repurchase is the shampoo bar, the smell is just too overwhelming.

I also decided to dip into the heroine of makeup. I’ve never tried Mac nor had any interest in it, but as I was passing by the makeup counter in Bloomingdales, I couldn’t help but take a look at what they had. After looking around and feeling fancy, I decided to splurge some more and pick up some products. I got a Mineralize Foundation as well as a Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation because I’ve been using L’Oreal and Too Faced for a while and wanted to see if this would make me change gears. I also picked up a Mineralize Blush in Love Thing because the color was just drop dead gorgeous. The last little goody is a Viva Glam Lipstick that I am convinced is my perfect red. I have a Nars lipstick that comes close to this one and they’re both pretty good! Nars was a little pricier so this might be an alternative to it. I love the products so far. There is one more product I want to get next time I get to go so it’s safe to say I’ve started something that was just waiting to happen.

Josh and I decided to go on a date night that night and stopped into Barnes and Noble after a good Italian meal! He got me these as gifts~ The Pin-Up book was something I had been wanting for a while but never got the guts to get it so he decided to get it for me <3 The book is filled with inspiring poses and of course, pretty ladies. He also got me this new series called Citrus which looked very promising. My favorite reads are always yuri filled so this caught my attention immediately. The art is gorgeous (though sometimes anatomically incorrect) but the story is… lackluster. It’s like the mangaka threw it all together so quickly. Everything just happened too quickly for me and the personalities seem to jump everywhere. It was an enjoyable enough read and I will probably continue the series, but it wasn’t my favorite. I still love it because it was a wonderful gift and inspiration was definitely caught with it!

This last bit is an update with a package I got a week ago! I got my order from S-Morishita! I’m so happy I get to add this to my collection of great illustrators in my bookcase! Please visit her webcomic here http://www.s-morishitastudio.com/ to read~ I love when artists draw their girls curvier, it’s a skill I’m still trying to learn!

I hope this was something you enjoyed seeing as how I enjoyed writing it! I would like to do more of these in the future as well ~<3