Little My Diary: Piña

This new section of my blog is going to be called Little My Diary. I want the focus of this section to be my old characters and art and drawing them again! More "translated" to my style, of course. I'm a bit sad to say that I don't really draw hedgehogs anymore? No particular reason why and I don't want people to think that there's something wrong with drawing that. I don't think there's much less disheartening than an artist denying or feeling ashamed of their roots. It's how I started and it's a part of my life I remember very fondly! The one I wanted to focus on first is one of my oldest! Her name is Piña and she's supposed to be the personification of... a pineapple~

The drawing on the left is the first picture I ever did of her, completely done in Adobe Illustrator (thank goodness the days I did drawings like these all in Adobe Illustrator are all gone!) The picture on the right was about two years later and it was done with Adobe Photoshop. Maybe I'll add on a more recent version of Piña as a hedgehog later, huhu.