A Little Chatter: Tuesday

Uh remember when I said I would do these weekly round-up posts like a while ago? IT JUST DIDN'T HAPPEN but because of some changes in my life I hope to be able to do them more often. I should wait until Sunday or something to do this but I just have a lot to write since I really haven't done this in a while? I'll go through that I guess, but for now here are some pretty wonderful things I've splurged on these past few weeks. I got the lovely prints from Frannerd, an amazing artist and vlogger (illustuber!) that I have become obsessed with! I honestly never buy prints but her work captures my heart in such a way I knew I needed to have them on my wall. I also got these mugs a few months ago but am still totally obsessed with them from Stuff I Love Blog. I've always wanted a mug that says "I am so blogging this" and she actually hand-makes these mugs so I knew I needed it! She also had this other one that says "You're a star" with a bunch of stars drawn on <3 And my last precious item is my Magical Girl Brooch... haha no just kidding! These are actually headphones inside of a really really cute case! They're a bit pricey but I got them because I watched a video from Michelle Phan where she whipped this out of her purse and I was like ?!?! Instantly snagged them.

The weather has been getting warmer and Hershel has been... having mixed feelings about it? I still need to write Hershel the Little King part 3 (which is almost done!) but here's a little update about him. He sleeps a lot of them time but when he's awake he is super rambunctious! I still think one of his favorite things to do is to snuggle with Josh and I in the morning in bed until we get out of bed and give him his morning treat. He still snuggles with his stuffed animals and enjoys taking them with him around the apartment. He really enjoys his walks but it has been SO HOT that he eventually just kind of gives up. Hershel was born in September so he hasn't experienced weather this warm before. I think he still loves his walks but like... he gets home and he just collapses. We bring water for him throughout the walk and I think that has made the experience much better for him.

Wedding stuff! This was one of the many ideas that Josh and our families have been throwing around for favors and decorations but we ended up nixing it. What we decided to go with are going to be a surprise for those attending the wedding ;D We just ordered the invitations yesterday and we'll be sending them out soon! The closer we get to the wedding I get more filled with stress but also relief that it's almost here and Josh and I will soon officially be married! 

Some big news! Josh and I bought our first car together! His lease was ending soon so we had to make some decisions and ended up deciding to buy a brand new car. It's our first "grown up" purchase together and we are so happy with our decision. It was a bit of an adventure but I'm so happy we got to go through together. I bought my car when we returned from Spain and it also was a brand new car. So we're both very proud car owners, now! And we love love love our new car. It's going to be mostly used by Josh so it's like... his car BUT it's also OUR car, you know what I mean? 

Josh and I have been making some lifestyle changes for about a month now and our parents have been very supportive. We've been changing our diets and trying to be more active! Dad surprised me with the bike I had asked for last year and omg it is a DREAM. I love riding my bike but I haven't really done it in a while and I had done so much research last year to find a bike that would be perfect for me and my riding habits. The Townie 7D from Electra Bikes in coral caught my eye but I never found the time to get it myself. It is a joy to ride and oh so comfortable <3

These lifestyle changes come with a huge change that will be happening in my career hopefully soon. I look forward to writing about that once I'm on the other side, but for now I'll just say that it's consuming my life. It feels really nice to be able to take a break and write about the OTHER things in my life that bring me joy. Here's to more updates soon!