What's In My Bag (Summer Work Edition)

I LOVE THESE KINDS OF POSTS which is why I also love making them. I've had work on an off all summer and because of that I don't take a whole lot of what I usually take to work. I have a lighter amount to take around!

Though I don't have much to take around, I love love LOVE having a big bag! Josh was the sweetest and surprised me with this beautiful bag as a "Congratulations for the new job!" gift!!! It is the PERFECT big leather bag and has comfy straps and finding a bag like this is so hard for me because I'm tall and my arms don't like to agree with most tote bag sizes ;-; It is leather with gold hardware and even has little feet!

My bag is pretty big and doesn't has one tiny pocket where I keep my phone and iPod. I am keeping a lot of my tinier things in bags inside of my bag! Here I have my laptop, my Daily Planner, my Moleskine notebook, my iPod Touch and my pencil case. I love my page markers which are dachshunds! One of them even looks like Hershel! THAT'S EXCITING. My Daily Planner has all my appointments and things like grocery lists, events, notes and dinner items. My Moleskine is mostly for blogging and writing.

I've had this pencil case for years! I love how tiny and cute it is and usually use it to store pens that I always use. I love pens with a more fine point for writing and brush tips for drawing and sketching.

My Louis Vuitton wallet *swoon* <3 I'm still very delicate with it and treat it like a delicate flower. The other day I found these Sailor Moon charms at Barnes and Noble and I just couldn't resist. I never got over the fact that it's tougher to add charms to your phone, but I thought this would be a cute way of personalizing my wallet! I thought I would get weird looks but I've gotten nothing but compliments on it! 

Ok so getting into the tinier bags! This is my makeup bag. I've had it for two years and I absolutely love it. I have so many different types of makeup bags and I can't seem to budge from this one and one other one Josh got me. This one is my tiniest one. I have to admit that I don't really use my makeup at work over the summer, but I always need these just in case. That ONE day I don't bring this I'm going to need it. I have a tinted lip balm from Etude House, a Nars lipstick in a nude, a perfume, Moroccan oil for my hair if it gets too frizzy or dry, hand sanitizer, my natural Nars lipstick, Mac Studio powder, a powder brush, Nars concealer and a tiny deodorant (JUST IN CASE BECAUSE IT'S SO HOT.) I haven't used any of these yet but you know. Just in case. It's sad too because I wish I could just leave it in the car but if I did that everything would melt and explode.

I really, really love this bag. It's very big and it really should be used as a travel makeup bag but I use it for my technology bag and my other little things that would get lost if I just threw them in the bag. Inside I keep my laptop charger, a lightning cable, my crappy Apple headphones (they are so bad I need to replace the ones that broke ;-; ) a mini USB cable, a power adapter, a micro SD adapter, an SD card, a USB flash drive, Japanese berry hand cream, gum, an Energy Shot and some Advil. I always keep more cords than I use because maybe I'll run into someone that will need it and I find no greater pleasure than being able to help people with their technology needs!

So that's what's in my bag Summer Work Edition! Maybe I'll do a more every day What's In My Bag Summer Edition but maybe I'll schedule that for more towards the end of the summer. I hope you enjoyed! Here is my Workbag from 2014 and What's in my Bag 2013!