A Little Chatter: Friday

Today was definitely a ME day! All week I've been at a workshop for educators because we're starting school in about two weeks. I start at a new school this September which is so exciting! I've been really enjoying myself preparing to go back to work~ This summer has been very different for me, but when I look back I can say I really did enjoy myself. It's been a rocky one, but it was also filled with some lovely memories. 

My Bridal Shower is this weekend! Because of that I had to take this day to get some final items checked off for it and tomorrow is a bit of a glamour day in preparation for Sunday! I had to find a dress and some shoes because I don't keep things like that stocked in my closet (I know I should but hey I'm getting better at this whole glamour thing). I didn't find any shoes BUT I FOUND A REALLY LOVELY DRESS! In my quest for shoes for the dress I found these rosegold sparkle shoes that someone five years younger than me should probably wear BUT I DON'T CARE I can't get enough for sparkly shoes ok. I love what they add to a very casual outfit which is probably my most worn piece of clothing. I got to stop in Chipotle for lunch which was SO good. I was really hungry and eating Chipotle when you're starving is probably when it tastes best.

I also took a tiny stop into Staples because I found myself in need of my favorite inking pen which is the Pilot Precise V5 and V7 series. These pens have never failed me and I've used them since I started drawing so many years ago. Though awesome they are always so expensive! for 12 pens it's about 20 dollars. They last a long time so when I have to dish out I always do but it would be nice to get it on sale... ever. Well, today I go in and to my surprise, they had them on sale! It was basically get one get one free on a pack of five, so I got the V5 and the V7~ I guess I'm stocked for a good amount of time :D And Staples was also having a sale on flash drives which I thought, hey, I guess it's time to upgrade! I got a 32 GB to replace my 16 GB one and grabbed a new one for Josh as well! The super glue was also on super sale and I love that stuff so I snagged a couple of packs. I also got those headphones but ignore them because I am totally returning them. I tried them out and they are AWFUL. The search continues.

I hope you don't mind this random entry, I just like writing about my day on here when I can get one like this~