August 5th, 2015

Today is my birthday! I won't waste any time about how I should have updated more and I'm sorry for going missing ;-; Things have been a bit hectic and I do hope to write about it in future posts, but today I wanted to summarize a bit about some stuff going on as well as my birthday!

I was fortunate enough to have the summer off and I could finally have a bit of a break from constantly working! Most of my summer has consisted of staying on top of the Tech world in Education by reading blogs and news sites so I'm ready to go back in September. A big focus was updating my resume and preparing for interviews which was probably the hardest part. There has been a lot of organization going on and I guess it's a good thing, it was just a difficult time. To balance out the work I've been spending time taking walks and taking care of myself health wise. Something I really missed being able to do while I was working was being with my puppy.

I've also been able to spend some time with my step-puppy at the house and that little guy... well he's not so little anymore! I bring Hershel to the house so he can play with the cousins I would say about once a week, on average. I know he likes going and playing with them and I honestly love sitting and watching them play, but I'm very happy to know he also really loves coming home. He's become a very independent puppy. He has his times where he would rather be on his own, lounge on the bed and the sofa or just sunbathe. Sometimes he seeks us out for cuddle time which we indulge him with. I'm very proud of my pups. Axel is still very much a baby (he's 3 months younger than Hershel) and he is much more attached to all of us. Though I'm not at the house as often as everyone else, he knows who I am and he gets very excited when I come home! Especially with Hershel. My two old timers are doing wonderfully! Miles is still my baby (old baby) who needs cuddle time and attention and loves to play with the pups. Nena is more like Hershel and needs her own time and doesn't let the pups take advantage of her. It's a very loving household, ours <3 

I am very much keeping up with my Fauxbonichi! I am not so much with my Youtube channel ;-; I'm just very shy! I have a lot of ideas for videos but I almost would rather them just be blog posts because I appreciate those more. Especially when people are at work, they can read posts instead of being on Youtube where everyone can hear your business. But in the end I think too much about everything and then nothing happens >-< BUT BUT I have fallen into a routine with my entries and love writing in my Fauxbonichi and designing pages around my day. I do have a lot to say in respect to that so I hope to decide soon on a video or a blog post. I've become a Washi Tape QUEEN and I am obsessed. I have a big tin can filled with them and I love looking at them *strokes* I can't wait to share what I've done with it!

So my birthday is today. This year is very unique because every year I have been with my family or Josh most of the day and I always have off. One of the benefits of having a Summer birthday is not having to worry about a heavy work load because it's in the middle of Summer. This year I am working! I have been working part time as an Illustration and Digital Media teacher at a company in Princeton! I hold a class teaching students techniques and the basics of digital illustration. I in no way see myself as an expert in the field, but I have been working in it for over ten years so I think

I can share a bit of my experience. It's been going really lovely so far. The students are very engaged and always eager to learn something new. I was very scared in the beginning because I was like WHAT IF THEY SEE RIGHT THROUGH ME AND ARE LIKE WHO ARE YOU TO TEACH THIS but that irrational fear washed away after the first class. Though I have been teaching Technology and have a lot of experience teaching both kids and adults and speaking in front of them, I always feel very humbled by the whole thing. I think teaching is such an honor, and being able to do it and do it well is very difficult. I try to put everything I have into it and prepare well in advance for my students and their skill sets and I still feel a bit nervous! So yes, that is what I am doing today. I'll get more in depth with this in another entry as well!

I want to end this entry with something really exciting for me <3 My parents went on a trip to London, Spain and France and they brought me back a beautiful souvenir. I have wanted a Louis Vuitton for a long time, but it just was something I could never justify in buying. I always thought I should put my money in savings and maybe ONE day I could afford to go in and just slap down 1,000+ dollars on a purse or a leather good from them. Mom and Dad got me this wonderful gift and I'm still like... shaking about it! I can't believe I own such a fine piece of craftsmanship and it's sitting in my purse right now! It is truly beautiful and very sentimental. They made sure that it was made in Spain because of the memories Josh and I made there when we lived there a few years ago. I'm so giddy about it! Ok ok so I hope to expand on everything later but I just wanted to drop a cute note here on what's been going on with me!