Mini Workspace Area

I like to show images of my workspace and the area where I do work a good amount mostly because I love seeing when others do the same. Josh and I are in our second year living where we are and we're limited in the amount of change we can do (but somehow we still manage to find ways!) but I'm a busybody and tend to try to change things up as much as possible. My workspace hasn't changed much from the last time I posted~ I love looking back on these also and seeing what we've moved and if it's working better for us.

My dual monitor setup is still the same but the computer has some added specs. I've formatted it, upgraded the storage and tweaked a few things here and there with Josh so it works exactly like it's supposed to and it feels more mine. I didn't spend a lot of time at my desk last year but that's definitely changed this year. Josh and I like having some time to ourselves when we come home from work but we still like being in the same room so I go on my computer to watch videos and draw and he goes on his to play video games. I like our setup a lot <3 Hershel usually sits on my chair or at my feet when we do this.

This part has definitely changed. We had these wooden blocks that we brought from home for whatever reason and never knew how to use them so they sat in our closet all last year. I don't know exactly how it happened but I had a blast of inspiration and decided to flip my bookcase and buy storage bins to hold up the wooden blocks. Boom, we got so much space and storage, now! After I did my holiday gift guide I knew I needed a  Copic organizer and I ended up finding one at Marshalls for 20 bucks! I really like having them laid out like this because now I can keep track of what colors I have and they're easy for me to use when I sketch. I love having my main art supplies laid out next to me on my desk. The storage bins have my planner supplies and stickers as well as a few other things. The coral and clear ones are mine and the black ones belong to Josh.

This shelf keep getting more filled and I love it! This houses all the art books and doujins I've collected over the years from my favorite artists. It's a collection I'm very proud of <3 

I did decide to stand up my pink bookshelf. I have one shelf for my sketchbooks and notebooks, two for electronics and the rest are really art books I've collected over the years. 

Are you proud of how your workspace looks? Do you like it to look more full or simple? I'm really happy with how mine looks. I hope when we move into a house we can have an office where we can put all this. I've always dreamt of having a study filled with art books and art supplies ahhhh <3