A Little Chatter Thursday

It's been a crazy week! I've barely had any time to do anything I've been wanting to but the other day I got this tiny sketch done for a friend and I wanted to share. I need to create a Sketchbook 2016 folder on here now~ I have a few sketches I need to include. I hope everyone is having a good week! If not, well we're almost to the weekend!

I received my Hobonichi this week! I think I've watched every single Hobonichi unboxing on Youtube and Hobonichi setup I could find with the Cousin size. Seeing that yellow box at my door so I could open for myself was a bit surreal XD I've been wanting a Hobonichi for at least 7 months and now I finally have it!!! I'm still trying to decide if I want to share my journal entries and drawings in it. As inspiring as the setups I've seen are I'm a bit hesitant about sharing mine.I want to treat my Hobonichi as an actual journal and the privacy bit is part of that. Maybe I'll share a few pages... I feel more comfortable sharing my Fauxbonichi pages because I wrote about my day and a lot of positive things in there! Now to actually take pictures ;-; Augh! 




Now that I have my Hobonichi I plan on writing more in detail about every day in there so it frees some space up in my planner! I've been using half the days to write a couple of sentences about each day. I liked this system but I NEED MORE SPACE. I can't just write a few sentences about my day! I need drawings and details! So I guess now I can actually use it for what it's supposed to be used for. I will definitely still be decorating it the way I have been and writing the highlights of my week as well as my favorite products so I'm happy about that. This week's spread was exciting because it's Valentine's Day Week!!! All the pink and red and glitter everywhere is so fun~ It's also Hershel's half birthday on Valentine's Day so we'll be celebrating with him as well <3