Juicy Ink Artbooks Review

The other day I had the privilege of receiving two sketchbooks and a few extra goodies from Victoria Gedvillas. She is an artist that I recently found through Instagram and was instantly hooked to her style. I saw she had a new artbook coming out as well as an older one she had in stock in her shop so I decided to snag it up!

I was very impressed with the packaging of the items! It was a pretty bulky envelope and I love receiving packages like that because you can really tell that the artist packed their books with a lot of love and care to make sure they are received without any damage. She had this beautiful note on translucent paper that made me feel like i was receiving something from Anthropologie! Both books were sealed and packed with cardboard to make sure they didn't bend.

The package came with a lot of goodies! I got free postcards and a sticker along with the books and it was just a wonderful feeling opening this up <3 I asked her to please sign both of the books and she even included a little message! 

Both books were filled with stunning sketches and finished pieces. Her style is immediately recognizable and beautiful to look at. She does a wonderful job combining colors and it gives the overall piece a very unique feeling. I love on the inside of one of the books she had what looked like coloring samples for the pieces she had. I had never thought of doing that with an illustration and I really love the idea! I have been trying to do that a bit more with my own work and I love the little result that comes about! It's like a tiny completed illustration~

If you would like to check out more of her work, please visit her website! Check out her gallery and her shop, I think you'll really love it!