January Favorites 2016

I felt bad for not being able to upload this on February 1st but I’m still within the first week of February, right?! Ok yes, no harm done.

Something I’m trying to do in my planner is keep track of my favorite items of the month because honestly every single time I’ve gone back to do one of these in the past I can’t remember of the life of me all the things I’ve used just in that month alone! Being able to keep track of these things I feel great going back and seeing what I’ve used and loved this past month. I hope to keep up with these~ I’ve always loved how people display their favorites all drawn out and pretty so I’m finally giving it a real try.

These are in no particular order~

Chunky sweaters - January had the occasional freezing days but overall it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t let that stop me from wearing chunky sweaters to work and for lounging. I love cuddling in large sweaters and working in them too, they’re so comfortable!

PJ Shorts - Even though we had some cold nights, I always put shorts on to be around our home. CLOTHES ARE SO CONSTRAINING so these were perfect for me and I practically lived in them.

Cabin Socks - So it’s a mystery to me how I pair chunky sweaters with shorts and top it all off with Cabin Socks. These socks are fleece lined and feel more comfortable than any slippers I’ve ever owned. I’ve also lived in these this month.

iPhone 6 Plus Rosegold Case with stand - I’ve had the same case on my phone all last year (a beautiful case gifted to me by my husband) but I was finally feeling the need for a change. I love having a stand on my phone and having it feel protected and all shiny <3 

Moleskine Weekly Planner - Ok I can’t properly explain how obsessed I’ve become with this little book. I decorate my weeks on Sunday and plan out any appointments and to-do’s in it while watching planner videos on Youtube. There are some extremely inspiring ladies that provide me with so many ideas for my own! I’m excited to show you my January spread in it soon!

Apple Watch Band - I stole this from my mom .///. My brother gave it to her as a gift for Christmas and I’ve been wanting/needing a new band for mine so I just… took it. She did eventually tell me it wasn’t her style so she didn’t mind, haha! I love it, I feel really professional wearing it at work! 

NARS Vera lipstick - NARS is probably my favorite makeup brand with their Audacious lip line. They are so pigmented and moisturizing and they last ALL day long. I have been looking for a good berry color and I finally found her! I tend to gravitate to more pink-y colors but Vera is a beautiful shade that has complimented me all month long.

Major Lazer - I drew his most recent album cover because I have been listening to it the most, but really Josh had me listen to him in the beginning of the month and I’ve loved scouring his discography for new tracks. I don’t think I’ve fallen so hard for an artist for years as I have for Major Lazer.

I Heart My Little A-Holes by Karen Alpert - If you want to sit down for a couple of hours and just laugh your heart out, pick this baby up. Karen Alpert runs the blog Baby Sideburns and I found her book while going through the Weekly bestsellers under 4 dollars on iBooks. It was one of those books I fell in love with immediately and when I finished that I went over to her blog and subscribed. She writes about her family and the less broadcast part about having kids which was so refreshing to read. I adore her and I can’t wait for her new book to come out in April!

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil - My job gave me an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and omg MY FACE WHEN THEY LET ME HAVE IT. I’m working out how to use it as a daily device and a work device and I found some interesting bits that I would like to write about on here for those thinking about getting one. Since it’s listed in my favorites I guess you can see how much I love it. 

Girl Online books by Zoe Sugg - My commute is pretty long so Audible has been a lifesaver for me. Sometimes I get books that I want to read but just never find myself sitting down and reading. So now, I listen to them on my way to work! It has completely changed my drive to work and I feel like I fall in love with every book I listen to. January I listened to… 3 books? Two of which were the Girl Online books. Take this how you want, but I was surprised to find that I actually really liked these books. I’m not usually one for YA novels but she did a wonderful job. I have the physical signed copy of Girl Online On Tour and want to add the physical copy of Girl Online to my bookshelf. Yeah, I liked them that much.

Tea in my Crystal Snowflake Mug - So I never thought I would love drinking hot beverages in clear mugs so much but that’s the kind of person I am now. Green Tea has been my go-to in my crystal mugs but I feel like it looks a little like pee so it’s a bit of a turn off. BUT it’s beautiful so there is my conflict. I love it.

Louis Vuitton Artsy aka Lady - I haven’t really talked about Lady on here .////. My family spoiled me with this absolutely beautiful bag for Christmas. I have been lusting for a Louis Vuitton bag for a while now but I knew I would never act on it. As beautiful as these bags are, some are expensive enough to pay our rent and a half so it was only just a dream… until Christmas. I think I clutched onto it until I fell asleep that night. I decided to call her Lady so that’s how everyone knows her, now.

I hope you enjoyed my monthly favorites! What are some of your favorites this month? Do you like this format? Give it a try!