February Favorites 2016

1. Kimoji - Uh when this was released my friend and I had so so much fun with it. I love how crazy the graphics are with Kimoji and I'm not ashamed to say that I love it! Girl can get it.
2. Patreon - I started supporting my first artist on Patreon this month! I've never been able to do it before but I'm so happy and proud to be able to contribute to Fran's Patreon. She always has something fun that she posts and when she updates it makes my day.
3. Hobonichi Techo Cousin - I mean, I don't know if people can tell how much I love my Hobonichi by how much I talk it up but I really do. Writing in it has made me happier and feel more active in reaching my journaling habits. I don't write in it every day but I take notes on my day so I can have catch-up days where I end up writing a lot in it. 
4.  Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones in green - This month I started being more active and running again. I used to run almost every day but I've fallen out of the habit and want to start living a more healthy and active lifestyle, so I invested in my first pair of bluetooth headphones. I can't properly explain the huge difference it has made for my workouts. I never thought cutting the wire would be such a perfect decision for me but it really has been! I love wearing these on walks and on runs~ I'm also really happy I decided to go with black and green instead of the black and light blue. The other ones looked more feminine but I love the combination of black and lime green! 
5. Kate Spade Rosegold Wellesley Small Rachelle in Rosegold - Josh got me this stunning purse for Christmas <3 Because I also got Lady it was hard to decide which of these purses I should take out since they're both so stunning. I have loved using this purse in February, it adds a sparkle to my usually casual outfits! 
6. Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm in Cherry Me - This has always been my go-to lip balm. It gives me the perfect tint and moisturizes my lips to perfection. I carry it with me in tiny purses when I go out with friends or my regular sized bag when running errands. I'm always trying to find another lip balm that will give me the same amount of tint and hydration that this gives my lips but I have yet to find one!
7. Smashbox Full Exposure Palette - I try to switch out my palettes every month and challenge myself to use only the colors in that palette for that month and this month it was the Full Exposure Palette. It has the perfect shade for my eyebrows and the best neutral shades that give me a hint of glamour for work. I do tend to continue to come back to this palette.
8. Fresh Rose Floral Toner - This is the finishing touch to my beauty routine every day. I love how it smells and how refreshing it is in the morning. I spray a little bit in my hair to give it a little extra something~
9. Buzzfeed's Internet Explorer Podcast - Ok so this podcast saves my boring commute every time I listen to it. I love the hosts and the topics they talk about! I literally start laughing randomly in the middle of the day when I remember something I heard on this podcast in the morning. I got Josh to listen to a few episodes and he instantly got hooked. If you need something fun and a little mature to listen to, I can't recommend this podcast enough!
10. Superstore - We gave this show a try based upon a recommendation from my friend and ahhhhh it is so addicting and wonderful!!! The first season isn't very long and the episodes aren't either, you could probably get through it all in one night! NBC has the whole first season available right now on their website, go watch! I drew my favorite character from the show, Dina~
11. Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling - I had the pleasure of listening to Mindy's new book this month and I fell in love with her all over again. She is funny, witty and so inspiring. Josh has fallen in love with the book, too, he asked me to buy the first one so we could listen together! It's not a long listen but it is so great. 
12. Dunkin Donuts Cupid's Choice Donuts - FUN FACT! These donuts became available in 2010, the year Josh and I started dating! I used to get them on my way to class and would look forward to our JCA meetings at night. I've always associated the taste of these donuts with seeing Josh again after a full week of not seeing him before we were dating~ They come out in February and they are just so delicious and festive ;0; They're basically a strawberry frosted boston cream, you should get them when they come out again next February~
13. School Fleece - Ok so this one isn't exactly highlighted in the picture but I am wearing it like I did every single day this past month after I came home from work. I've just been so cold at home lately and when I put my fleece on I feel like I could sleep comfortably for days!