Travel Carry-On 2016

Continuing with my tiny travel series, this is what I took with me on my carry-on for the plane. The plane ride offered wifi but I fell asleep immediately on the way there so I didn't use it, and for some reason as I get older I get motion sickness much more easily. Not to mention the crushing anxiety I get when boarding and being on a plane ^^; So I don't take very much with me besides my essentials. My iPod has a bunch of audiobooks, podcasts and music that I don't touch for a week leading up to my travels so I can fully enjoy it. I keep some pens and my planner as well as my sketch notebook with me at all times, my small makeup case that I showed you earlier, a case that holds my Nintendo 3DSXL and a few games, my Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet, some pills for the plane, my Zoella hand lotion which smells incredible, a few green tea mints, my sunglasses, my phone, my rosary that I take with me on every single trip I take, and my headphones that I keep in my Japanese tissue holder I got with my Hobonichi. This thing is amazing at keeping my headphones untangled and I can always find them in my bag! I took pretty much everything here with me in a smaller bag when we got to our actual destination besides my laptop and iPad Pro. My laptop is my pride and joy right now <3 I had been debating for a few months exactly which decal I wanted for my laptop and I finally decided to get one of my absolute favorite prints from one of my favorite artists, Rose Besch. It is protected by a transparent case and it's been holding up really well! My iPad Pro, though extremely useful, has been very heavy for me T-T We're an Apple family so we have six of the same charger so I decorated mine with some floral washi tape so I know which one to grab in a hurry. 

Well I hope you enjoyed my travel posts! I haven't really travelled much since my Spain days and I honestly don't have much interest to. I don't take flying on a plane very well and I have some awful motion sickness that seems to be getting worse ;0; I love driving places so I like being nearby, and I love nesting so I don't mind staying home at all. Josh shares my desire to have peaceful days at home so I'm thankful for him <3