A Little Chatter Monday

Hello, everyone! We haven't had a little chatter entry in a while so I thought today would be a good time to do one! I hope everyone has been having a good few weeks. I've been occupied with my classes and a new lifestyle change as of late. It's been a good amount to juggle but it ha been enjoyable! My desk at work has become a little more home-y which has been a wonderful change. I finally got the chance to print out a few photos from our wedding and frame them as part of Josh's gift for Valentine's Day. I got some for myself to and now our desks have a little more flair to them~

Valentine's Day was lovely this year <3 We decided to stay in this year instead of trying to go out because Josh makes an incredible Chicken Parmesan that he hasn't made us in a very long time so I requested that for our Valentine's meal. We watched Ghost, one of my absolute favorite movies that he had yet to watch and had a champagne filled night~ It was a relaxing day. We had our surprises ready for one another that morning and a little gift for Hershel for his 1 and a half year birthday <3 I think it went pretty well for our first Valentine's Day as a married couple <3

This past weekend Josh took me on a date and we went to a fantastic restaurant by us that we had no idea ever existed! We're hoping to make this a more regular thing. We're very comfortable staying in on the weekends and on weeknights because we just want to be comfortable with Hershel at home, but since we're trying to be more active we're going to add this to our initiative. Plus it's a date night who can argue with a date night yummmm <3

Josh and I are going through a bit of a lifestyle change. We had fallen victim to wanting to watch tv and lounge after getting home from work and we weren't being as active as we would like. So I decided to get some new headphones and actually start running again. I take Hershel on some long walks when I come back from work and Josh and I try to incorporate more walking and running in our every day lives. We also are planning out our meals more and eating healthier than we have in a really long time. I'm really proud of us! We're going into our fourth week doing this and honestly it's been great. Yes it has been more difficult than ordering take out all the time but we feel really good about what we're putting in our bodies. Hershel has been loving the great weather and the chance to walk more. We did actually get chillier weather and some snow this past week so I wasn't able to be as active as I wanted, but I also wasn't as healthy as I had hoped to be so I guess it worked out.

I took some initiative at work this week! I haven't been at my new job for too long but I'm always trying to find new things to do and new ways to do them. One of them includes sponsoring a summer reading book for our students! I have been reading a lot more lately thanks to Audible but I wanted to do a book that I felt passionate about and hit the areas that really interest me and Fran's book had exactly what I needed. The department chairs loved the idea and it's officially on the roster! I gave a tiny review on the book here if you're interested on reading about it~ I'm the head of a Technology Leadership club and I'm thinking about starting a drawing session club in the Middle School. I know some really great artists in the school and I genuinely love talking about growing your style as an artist and learning new ways to experiment on finding your style. I have a great group of students that would be ineterested in joining so that's my current project at work!

I have been continuing to keep my Hobonichi, Planner and Sketch Notebook up to date but oh my gosh it has been difficult. Another challenge I have taken up is drawing every day for at least an hour and that has been my main priority. It's been working out really well for this past week! Josh has been an angel and he's been doing the cooking since I wasn't feeling well anyway. I would like to have Friday's be the day where I can share my sketchbook entries for the week. I picked up Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and have been looking up activities online to see how I can help improve upon my style. Every day I draw I feel like I'm getting more precise with it. I know it takes time and it has been frustrating these past few years trying to pin it down and feeling annoyed when a picture doesn't look exactly how I need it to, but drawing has always been something that is very important to me. I've been listening to music I used to back in High School when I would draw all the time and I'm happy to say that's really helped! I'm looking forward to sharing my progress on this and talk more about it in future entries. I'm also really happy that I'm keeping up with my blog better. I am hoping to update with a new entry 3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! (Also I am aware that this picture has nothing to do with this update but it's my Hershel and he always has a reason to be here.)