All The Washi


I love going to Instagram for planner and journal inspiration. I find such amazing people that have really great ways to write and decorate in their planners and journals. Some of my favorite posts are when people post great finds they get at Target or Michaels or something. I usually try not to get my hopes up because by the time I get to Target or Michaels to find anything it's all gone. Perhaps there are lots of planner girls in my area! The other day I went to Michaels to see if I could get my hands on this gold foil washi tape that's been all over Instagram and low and behold, they had it! I went a little washi crazy and ended up getting way more than I ever have at a time because I finally found a Michaels that was fully stocked and had so many items available! When I started my hobby I never thought I would be one for washi tape but I really love using it for decoration, it really adds something to the pages~ I have a few washis that I wouldn't mind trashing because I only got them because they were there. Now I feel like I'm more selective with them. Especially since I have so many XD I love laying them out when I get to plan my week out and write in my Hobonichi <3