Spring Manga Reading List 2016

I didn't have the affinity for manga when I was younger that I do, now. It was even stronger when I was in college, actually. I would always carry three or four volumes with me when I went to class and would read in between classes outside or in the Library while listening to music. When I was younger I knew that there was a manga section at Borders and one day found a Sailor Moon volume that I went through so quickly. My dad always encouraged me to be creative and gave me anything I wanted if it contributed to my creativity, I was very lucky. The one thing he just never quite understood was manga. He only ever got me three volumes when I was about 12 and that was the Stars arc from Sailor Moon. I justified getting it because Stars never aired in America and after begging him to get it for me he finally caved. But that's all I ever had until I entered college! When I was a Freshman I started avidly collecting volumes from series I knew. I got the Millennium Arc from Yu-Gi-Oh and my roommate convinced me to start reading Fruits Basket. Fast Forward to now, I collect every single series I fall in love with. Luckily Josh also collects manga like I do form his own favorite series so our bookcase is, well, packed. I thought I was done collecting series until quite recently. There aren't many series I fall in love with as soon as I start reading them, but recently it's become harder to say no to just one more volume. 

The series on my reading list are Princess Jellyfish, Sailor Moon, My Love Story, Kiss Him Not Me, and Genshiken the Second Season. Princess Jellyfish is about a group of girl otaku that live in a building where they don't allow boys. The main girl, Tsukimi, is studying to become an illustrator and is an awkward social recluse. She meets a beautiful woman one day and finds out a secret about them~ Sailor Moon is a Magical Girl manga that centers around finding confidence in yourself and honestly makes me proud of being a girl, huhu <3 My Love Story is about a guy who looks like a mean guy but is actually the sweetest guy around and his friend who is super handsome. One day he rescues a cute girl who falls in love with him! He's not used to girls choosing him over his handsome friend. Their relationship is very cute and pure! Kiss Him Not Me is about a Fujoshi girl who loves shipping guys and is also an otaku. She's chubby and no one really pays attention to her until one day something happens to one of her favorite characters in a series and it causes her to fall into a depression that causes her to lose all the weight and get super cute! Suddenly the boys start paying attention and all want to be with her but all she wants is to be the girl she is used to being. Genshiken Season 2 is about a college club that now centers more around the girls and their feelings as otaku. It's filled with anime references and lovable characters just like the first season.

I've made it a goal for myself to read more manga. Though I only collected series I loved, I didn't finish reading everything in my bookcase, and this is the year I want to get through it all! That's including all my Yu-Gi-Oh volumes .////. BUT I wanted to start by reading these! Princess Jellyfish is FINALLY out so I'm going to start reading it! I watched the anime about two years ago and I absolutely LOVED it and have been waiting for the manga to come to America~ Despite starting Sailor Moon when I was 12 I still haven' finished it??? So I'm starting over! Sometimes I find it a bit too overwhelming with all the Shojo but it is a lovely treat to get in to! My Love Story came highly recommended by Josh. He really loves the story and thinks the relationships are so cute in it. Usually that kind of story is right up my alley, but I don't know... I'm having a hard time getting into it. It's a series I really want to love but for some reason I feel like there's a wall there. I have up to volume 4 so if I don't fall in love with it by then I'm probably going to return it. I usually preview series before committing to buying them but I've heard such great things from so many people and Josh loved it so I thought it was a no brainer...? I'm trying hard to love it, I swear! Kiss Him, Not Me is a series that also came highly recommended by Josh and it took me no time at all to become addicted to it. I love anything that has chubby characters in it and a harem of boys??? Yeah, I love it. I think I'm actually getting the latest volume I pre-ordered today! I love the art, the subtle romantic moments and, of course, the boys. Genshiken season 2 has been a series I've had for a while but never started reading because I knew I wanted to binge it when I got enough volumes but it's taking too long for them to come out with books. Genshiken was my everything for a few years in college. It was what got me to start going to my club in college after being a social recluse for a good two years. The club where I met my friends, found my confidence, and of course, met my husband. This series is what got me to run for President of that club and get it! It was a big part of my life and the second series seriously does not disappoint. I keep the volumes next to my bed so I force myself to reach for them instead of my iPad before I go to sleep. I've loved getting into series again! I'm just really worried about when we have to move out because moving in was a nightmare with all this manga and we didn't have as much as we have now... >.< But I couldn't (and wouldn't) have it any other way :D