GDBee Artbook Overview

Geneva is an artist that I actually found quite recently! The way I find new artists lately is by searching my Instagram feed. I love exploring posts and finding works that are inspirational, and one day I found a piece by Geneva Benton and I was instantly hooked. After obsessing over her feed for a while, I saw that she had an artbook out! I don't make spontaneous purchases when it comes to artbooks usually because I like getting to know the artist's work better, but I became hooked so quickly I immediately placed an order at her store along with a print!

I have to say, the quality of both pieced is stunning. I got a tinier print than usual because I like to put them in my notebooks for inspiration when I write, now. The print is called Resting and I fell in love with it! I love when artists draw pieces like this, with a character lounging with a laptop and a book <3 It's on some glossy photo paper, my favorite kind of print. It came safely tucked in a plastic sleeve.

On to the artbook itself, the first thing that I have to mention is that it's pretty big. I want to say that first because I love bigger artbooks. When I buy an artbook, I want to see all the details in the pieces and proudly display it on my bookshelf. The bigger the book, the easier it is to see the details that the artist put into their pieces.

The book opens up with an introduction from the artist. I love when artists do this and find it a bit strange when they don't. Some just jump right into the art or have a tiny scribble at the end of the book. Personally, when I buy artbooks, I want to see the artists' work but I mostly want to know about their process and who they are. Without things like this it's basically like... a photo book? And that's nice I guess but I much prefer when the artist puts their spin on their work. As someone who's always wanted to do an artbook/doujinshi, I am always getting inspiration from other artists and the layouts of their books!

The pieces in the books itself are so beautiful. The paper quality is top notch and really adds to the ~lux~ feel of the book. The glossy look of the pages goes really nicely with her style. I can't encourage you enough to check out her gallery!

One of my favorite parts of the book is definitely how she puts tiny descriptions alongside some of the pieces. Not every piece has it, but with this series in the book she put a tiny description explaining it a bit and I love that! They were a real treat to have as part of the book.

I always, ALWAYS ask artists to sign every print and book they give me. Like I said, I don't usually make spontaneous artbook purchases so when I do it's always from an artist I admire and having the privilege of getting them to sign their work is so important to me. I've been asking artists to do this since I was able to start buying their work online!

Thank you, Geneva, for this lovely package! It was really so wonderful to receive <3 Please check out her gallery and her store, I think you'll fall in love with her work as I did!

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