A Little Chatter Wednesday

*sneaks in* Hello everyone~ It's been a while since an update on here so here I go again. Even though I haven’t been updating my blog as much I am happy to say that I have been drawing regularly, lately! This is really good for me because I haven’t really felt like I’ve been drawing regularly for a few years. I've also been keeping up with my planner as well as my Fauxbonichi (mostly) which is even better because I've been having a creative outlet in more than one way and I haven't been able to do something like that for a long time. I’m very lucky to live so close to stationary and art supply stores to fuel my creativity, but I’ve actually been using everything I buy lately and that’s a really great feeling. I’ve noticed that my style isn’t how it used to be and that makes me a bit sad but whatever I’m producing is new and I feel like I’m growing as an artist. Growing pains, ugh. When you’re growing up you have them but once you’re past them, you’re done. When you’re developing a skill I feel like there’s always some sort of growing pains and they never quite stop. At least, if you’re doing it right, I guess.

My husband and I have passed our six month mark in our marriage! This is significant for us because it marks five and a half years together. When I was younger, I never thought about being married or owning a home. My head was always stuck in my stories and my sketchbooks. I would come home after school and sit on my floor and go through old works and the few art books I had and spend the rest of the afternoon drawing until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I have bins filled with notebooks and sketchbooks from the past ten years in my basement. I never thought I would meet someone that would spark the desire to get married or be with forever until a couple of years after I met my husband. He’s one of my biggest inspirations and the biggest supporter of my art. He’s always encouraging me to draw and always so loving when he sees what I’ve done. Through all the adventures we’ve had so far, he still gives me butterflies and I’m so proud of him and all he’s accomplished in such a short amount of time. BAH sorry for the mushiness but I just wanted to write a little about how much I love him and how proud I am of our time together. We have so many more adventures in store for us and I look forward to going on them together.

Life has been pretty calm since my last update. I guess it’s fitting to have a calmer year than last year. Last year was filled with emotional distress and planning and just a whole lot of uncertainty. I love living in the comfort of knowing that I can see the next few steps in front of me in terms of my life. I love coming home to my puppy and laying in bed for a while watching Youtube videos until Josh comes home. I love driving home and wondering what I’m going to draw and what we’ll make for dinner. I love having the comfort of having my parents close by so we can visit them for dinner or have puppy play dates. We have space to try new things and time to enjoy them.

Work wise, the school year is winding down! I’ve had so many accomplishments this year and I’m proud of every single one of them. Oddly enough, the one I’m most proud of is starting my own Drawing Club with the students. I wanted to have a place where students could come with their sketchbooks and art supplies and spend about an hour listening to music and talking to others about their inspirations while they drew with their supplies. I decided to take a month and try out the idea to see if students would be interested and if they were I would continue with it all year next year. It only took one meeting to make that decision! Thanks to one of my students I decided to incorporate an “Art Swap” where students can bring in their own art supplies that are gently used or they tried and didn’t like and got a chance to exchange it for something someone else had that they wanted to exchange as well. I think the students are getting a lot out of it and I definitely am as well. Today is our last meeting of the year!

In terms of drawing, things are going really well! I make sure to keep my sketchbook with me along with a fully packed art pouch just like I used to not too long ago and not think too hard about what I’m drawing. I’ll post a sketch post soon, which I’ve actually been planning for a few months but just wanted to be able to have enough to properly show. I post a lot of previews for my work over on my Instagram but never the fully scanned pictures, so I’m going to take some time to finally do that! In the mean time I wanted to post a few previews here. 

I’m actually scheduling a few posts for these coming weeks and taking some time to properly photograph what I want. It really isn’t that I don’t want to update, I just pay a lot of attention to what I want to post and it makes me overthink quite a few things and then I don’t end up posting anything, haha! Here’s to trying again!