Punctuate Designer Sketchbook Review

This is the second post for my Sketchbooks Review that I started in my last post and I'm only going to be covering one sketchbook this time! If this is something that people actually find useful I might start just reviewing sketchbooks one at a time? I personally found that best way to try out a sketchbook is just by using it for a few pages and seeing how you like it. This sketchbook is one of those I didn't expect to like as much as I do and never would have known if I didn't give it a try myself.

This is the Designer Sketchbook by Punctuate and you can find this sold in Barnes&Noble stores. What caught my eye about these sketchbooks are the covers. They have such lovely cover designs and the price ranges from $9.99 - $15.99 full price so the price is really good, too. It has perforated pages on the inside and that's always good for me because I hate having a really nice sketchbook where I have lots of work I'm proud of and then a random sketch where I'm like, "eww."

I used to buy sketchbooks with the intention of filling them up with different things. For example, I had a sketchbook purely for full colored pictures, one for just sketching and another for character designs. I found this worked out pretty well for me but nowadays I like combining everything into one sketchbook. This is a pretty large sketchbook which makes it great for full colored illustrations but not so much for sketching. I have found that pencil smudges a little more easily in here and can make pencil sketches daunting in here.

This is the only sketchbook I have truly used watercolor in and when I bought it, I did it with the intention of only using markers and watercolor. I used it as my main workspace for illustrations like these and I love it! It's large enough for me to experiment with and the colors don't bleed through multiple pages like in my other sketchbooks. The colors stay vibrant and working with mixed media in this sketchbook is a dream.

I brought this sketchbook to Spain with me when I lived there for 9 months. It contains many illustrations I'm proud of. I used my Moleskine sketchbook for pencil sketches but when I wanted to sit down and complete an illustration I would do it in this sketchbook. The colors have maintained over time and I'm very happy that I stuck with it. 

I wouldn't recommend this sketchbook for someone on the go unless you carry a full sized backpack with you at all times or love a large workspace wherever you go. When I was in school I carried a smaller sketchbook with me because I had a messenger bag that got heavy pretty quickly and could only carry what I needed. This sketchbook has a lot of pages and is very heavy, but if you don't mind the weight it gives you everything you need! If you're a bit old school, you might remember those sketchbooks from Borders book stores that were large and bound and just had the word "SKETCHBOOK" on the cover. If you do, this sketchbook is like those but with perforated edges. Those old Borders sketchbooks were the first sketchbooks I ever had and I loved them! I would fill them up with Sailor Moon fan characters and always carried it around with me. If you're looking for a nice mixed media sketchbook and prefer bound binding then I think you'll really enjoy this one!

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