A Little Chatter Wednesday

At the beginning of the month I wrote A Little Chatter Wednesday and here I am almost a month later writing another one. I guess I don't have any major news to share but I just renewed my subscription to Squarespace for the next year and I wanted to write on here! I had scheduled the second part of my sketchbook review to go up but I thought I would do a little catch-up instead. I'm not going to lie, June has been pretty chill, and I have been absolutely loving it. We finished up the end of the school year and it was also the end of my first school year at this school! I've enjoyed my time here a lot since I joined back in September. The people are lovely and the school is beautiful. I'm very blessed to have the job I have. I remember a year ago I was sitting in my apartment worried about the path I was going to take next after leaving my previous school. It truly is amazing how much difference a year makes. Summer days at the school have been lovely. I'm thankful for the stable air conditioning I get to experience <3 I'm learning new things and making time for my own work as well as the work I need to do. I feel the temptation to slip into the bliss of just doing nothing over the summer but I am fighting it! I've been divulging in trashy reality tv when I get home, making dinner, cleaning and walking the pup.

Speaking of the pup, he's doing well. Josh and I can't pin down if he likes the summer weather or despises it. Sometimes when we go outside he stands there for a minute and then turns right around and wants to go back inside. Sometimes he sprints out the door and rolls around in the grass and wants to go on a long walk. Sometimes halfway through the long walk he turns around and wants to go back home. Sometimes he just sits in the grass and looks lost. And sometimes he lays in the grass on a sunny spot and closes his eyes. I love seeing his reactions and am so tempted to sit next to him when he lays down but then I remember how many dogs we have in our development and think about how nasty the grass actually is and change my mind. He has a vet appointment this Friday and we love our vet. If you have a Banfield in your area and are debating whether to use them as your primary vet, I can't talk them up enough. Every time we go they throw a little party for him and shower him with love. I'm a proud mama.

I have been making time to catch up on my Fauxbonichi and journaling. Writing an entry a day has been proving to be challenging for me lately. It takes up a good amount of time and I've found myself wanting to draw more instead. This is a good thing!! I do love journaling but I've been making drawing more of a priority for myself lately. It helps having a lot of my supplies on the go with me so whenever I feel like doing one or the other I have anything I need right in front of me. 

One of the things I'm most proud of so far is my progress with my art. Not just in terms of skill but in terms of regularity. I feel like I've been clinging on to the fact that I draw and am an artist for the past couple of years, which has always made me very sad. I was not drawing more often than I was and that was a huge change for me. My teenage years were defined by my art and the amount of time and effort I put into my work. My early twenties have been eventful in terms of life events so my work kind of got pushed to the back of my mind. I feel like things are settling into a nice place for me and I'm getting back into my groove. I like experimenting and trying new things with both style and materials. I'm diving back into doing what I really love and it's a wonderful feeling.

I haven't seen this much change and definition in my style since I was 15. I stay in a place where I feel confident but also dive into unknown waters when I want to try new things. Because of that I feel like my style is actually evolving and not staying stagnant like I feel it has over the past few years. I'm finding inspiration in things I used to and I'm learning something new every day that I can use. I'm very happy ;-;

Overall, things have been pretty wonderful. We're waiting on a few things before announcing something pretty exciting. All our energy has been poured into that and so far so good! I hope you're all having a wonderful summer so far!