Asteria by Cherriuki Artbook

I've been following Cherri's work for years. I make note of when she has items releasing because I'm such a huge fan of her work. She's not only an amazing artist, she's also very sweet. In my experience, a lot of bigger artists are prone to not being as nice and don't reply or acknowledge a message sent to them, but Cherri has been sweet from the very first day I saw her work <3 That's not to say all artists with big followings are like this, but I've encountered more than a few. When I saw that Cherri was coming out with her second artbook compiling her original works, I was so excited to get my hands on it! Here are some details from her Storenvy:

- A4 size (Approx. 8" x 11") 
- 34 pages / Full color
- Perfect binding & pearlescent soft cover
- Signed and comes with an exclusive art print of the cover image. (Limited stock)

When Cherri releases a new book she always offers goodies to the first few who order and I've been lucky enough to always get them! She includes a little note of thanks in every order as well <3

I love the fanart she does, but my favorite kind of pieces she does is definitely her original work. She has this attention to detail that really comes out in her work. She also has this ethereal style that's mixed with every day life that I love looking at. The paper quality is luxurious and sturdy.

The packaging the order comes in is so lovely as well! She included a doodle on my envelope that I'm going to cut and paste in my Fauxbonichi <3 Overall I think this book along with all the others she has come out with are an essential addition to an art book collection. She has a special going on in her Storenvy right now for a two book bundle with her first compilation of original works over here! Both her traditional and digital work is stunning, she has been an inspiration of mine for years and I think you'll love her work, too!

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