Strathmore Sketchbook Review

I've reviewed a couple of sketchbooks already as a part of my sketchbook review series and today I'm going to cover the one I've been working in the most lately. It's not exactly purse friendly but I can't help my need for a larger sketchbook! I've always favored the Strathmore Sketchbooks even when I was high school a few years ago. The paper quality encourages me to use whatever products I want on the paper without much worry of it bleeding through the page.  

The page size is 9 x 12 and I feel like this is a good amount of space for my sketches. I used to need to take up the whole page with my drawings but lately I have been experimenting with sketching smaller and putting more emphasis on details, something I haven't been very confident with in my art before. I think of all the supplies I've used in this sketchbook, the only one that bleeds through is Copic Marker, so be aware of that when you're working in it. That being said, I feel like Copic Markers blend nicely on this paper. It's been a wonder experimenting with them on the pages. Watercolor has been holding up well with the pages as well, and since I'm learning more how to use it I tend to make a lot of mistakes with it. The pages get a bit wrinkly with a lot of water on them, but I don't blame the quality of the paper for that. I think I just use a lot of water, haha!

The pages I'm showing in this post are from an older Strathmore Sketchbook I have that's over a year old. I wanted to show these works for two reasons. One, I wanted to show how well the colors held up while this book was in storage and I wanted to show a few different sketches than I have been showing lately. I am planning on doing a sketchbook tour soon so you'll be able to see the more current drawings then. 

Pencil sketches look really great in this sketchbook. I tend to be meticulous when drawing them and tend to erase any smudges that do appear after working on it for a while. Now, I'm writing this as a right handed person that holds her pencil like a lefty, so I tend to smudge my pencil sketches quite a bit. You can see a bit of a smudge on this one here, but it's nothing major. You can also kind of see through to the next page and see the sketch on there as well.

This drawing was done with Crayola markers, a recent favorite of mine when I work on more quickly done drawings. I have a pack of 50 in my desk drawer at work if I ever want to draw there so you can tell which ones are done during my lunch break! I have been trying to ease off my anxiety of using my Copics on my more sketchy drawings because I do actually want to use them! I just always get gripped with "What if when I'm doing a more serious picture I run out of the color and then I'm stuck and I can't finish?!" Well let me tell you, that hasn't actually happened to me yet and if it does, I'm just going to buy a new one online and I'm going to have to wait for it. It's an irrational fear but one that I've always had!

I used only Copics with the drawing on the back of this page and I wanted to show you what the bleed looks like. It's bad enough that you can't actually use the back of the page! A pet peeve of mine is leaving empty pages in my sketchbooks, even if they're the back of pages I've already used. I think I've done better with that, lately.

All in all, my absolute favorite sketchbook so far has been the Strathmore Sketchbook. It's one that's been around or a while and it's been the one I most enjoy working in! Though I like seeing large drawings in this sketchbook, I'm learning to do smaller sketches so I can fit more on the page and also use the space around the smaller sketches as draft paper for colors and palettes I want to use, a skill I'm learning through watching artists like Fran and Victoria through their work. I hope you're enjoying these reviews! I feel like they're more like "In my experience..." posts, I hope that's ok ^^;