Art Supplies and Self Love


I've been on a bit of an art supply obsession, lately. Not only did I find this really amazing art supple shop not too far from my work, but I get discount there for being a teacher. This is the art supply shop I've always wanted to be able to visit and just browse when I was younger. They have every medium you can imagine and the staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. It makes not wanting to get everything they have a challenge. I decided that since I have the privilege of having such a store near me I can start experimenting with some new mediums, one of which being watercolor. Now, I've used watercolor in my art before but it was more for background purposes and it was always like a side note with how I used it. I've bought some liquid watercolors upon Fran's suggestion with her videos and I've really liked them so far! I've also expanded my inking possibilities and expanded my color selection for it. I really would love to write more about this because it's something I've been doing for a long time but never gave notice to it. Copic multiliners have become a new favorite of mine and I'm currently waiting on a new set that I'm excited to add to my collection. It really is thanks to some wonderful artists that I've become inspired to continue my art journey and actually step out of my comfort zone. I'm very lucky to have found them.


Lately I've been embracing my more "sparkle and fangirl" side and I've really liked it! I have this beautiful shirt from Kaiami that I wear around the apartment all the time but have never worn it outside because I was always worried I would look too big in it but lately I'm just like, whatever. i should wear whatever I want and not put so much emphasis on what people might think looks good or bad. My husband loves me for who I am, physically and mentally, so I should learn to love myself the same way. I've always felt very confident about who I am but tend to be more shy about the way I dress but I'm trying to change that. I even got some sparkly nails the other day, something I've wanted to do for a long time but always felt like it wasn't ~appropriate~. Poo on that! I love my sparkle nails and love looking at them! A good amount of self love has been happening this summer and it has been lovely. 

It has been really nice to be able to fully enjoy the Summer this year. Things are slowly falling into place and I'm hoping to be able to share the good news in the beginning of August on here! August is going to be a very exciting month <3 

I have been fine tuning my pencil case for the past couple of weeks and now that I actually use it more I feel like a lot of things inside of it better suit what I use most of the time. Outside of the pink and lilac pencils, of course, they are in a separate pencil pouch so they don't damage my other supplies. One of my biggest problems is that I use my pencil pouch so much on the go but when I use it at home it's a pain to sort everything out and have it all in front of me when I draw. I recently bought this pencil organizer on sale and have gotten into the habit of putting my every day essentials in there when i'm at home and packing it up when I'm out and about. It has been working so far! I would like to do an "Art Essentials" post soon but am thinking about possibly making it a video...? THINKING.

I am still drawing regularly and it's been really different than how it used to be. I have been looking back at some older sketchbooks and can't believe that stuff I used to consider doodles and silly sketches. Those are the ones I love seeing the most. My favorite thing lately is trying to use watercolor more in my sketches and note leaving a sketch unfinished even if I'm not 100% satisfied with it. This has been a bit of a challenge for me over the years because it's easy to give in to the "THIS SUCKS AUGH" mentality and trashing it and starting something new. I've made mistakes and continue to learn from them.


I hope everyone is having a wonderful and relaxing Summer!