Sketchbook 2016 section and catch-up

I love how in my last entry I specifically said I was going to update here more and then I just *poof* To be fair, a lot has been going on! I wanted this to be a catch-up entry~

1. We moved!
So that news I have been vague with these past few entries finally happened and I didn't even have time to officially announce it on here! Josh and I have bought a house together and we are about semi-done being moved in. We moved in the end of August and I didn't want to say anything official until we closed on the deal. We have slowly been getting each room set up and putting some of our personal touches throughout the house but it's been a process. I haven't even finished setting up our art room! It's coming along and it's looking really great, I can't wait to put a tiny tour on here when it's all done!

2. Updated Sketchbook 2016 section
I have finally updated the Sketchbook 2016 section here on the blog. It's been a WIP up until now (good job Deanna it's September.) but I threw up the pieces I've been working on. I want to churn out as many sketches as I can and continue to progress so I threw up what I had in terms of sketches. A lot of them are like... previews for the piece but they look nice so I just figured I'd keep them. I'm going to take better pictures of my artwork so I can have nice pictures here <3

3. Thoughts on featuring artists
This one isn't exactly something that happened but more of a change that will happen on my blog. In the past I've featured artists via their artbooks or merchandise I've received from them. I usually do a formal-like post about them and where to find them, etc. Lately I've been seeing artists talk about how they don't wish to have their work reposted or uploaded anywhere other than where they say, and I completely understand that. I became aware that I kind of do that in regards to work artists have done by giving a review on items I order from them on here. I do not wish to upset anyone, so I will probably not formally do anything like that anymore. I will probably post photos of items I received or talk about something I ordered from an artist, but I no longer feel comfortable doing any formal kind of review on my own. I have seen some artists give very rude responses to things like this (not to me, but to others.) and I don't want to risk that happening. It's sad to say, but I have become extremely disillusioned by certain artists with the way they act towards people who show an interest in their work. As an artist myself, I understand the frustration with people asking for free work and requests and how some people can be extremely rude, but I've been seeing more artists ignore people that reach out to them, and worst case scenario they make people feel bad or give rude responses in seemingly casual conversations. I don't think there is ever a good reason to be rude to someone who shows an interest in your work and has done nothing in the past to warrant you being rude and ignoring them.

4. Working on drawing more
I haven't participated in Inktober this year because I have too much on my plate at the moment, but I am happy to say that I am drawing more. I have been going between drawing traditionally and digitally with my new Cintiq. With the art room coming along I'm confident I'll be able to draw even more and that's really exciting! For now I need an actual desk in there! I have finally moved my art and writing boxes from home to our new house and have them with me to refer to whenever I want. They're only a small reach away. It's very inspiring for me to go through my old art because I love how actively I used to draw and the style I had. I hope to be able to do that more!