Art Swap in the Drawing Club

It's rare that I pass up an opportunity to buy new art supplies, and I've always seen this as a good thing. Since moving into my art room I've found that I have more art supplies than I could ever need! A lot of them I actually use, but some I just hang on to because of whatever reason (I'm a bit of an art supply hoarder I guess...) I had a couple of drawers filled to the brim with pens that I used every once in a while or maybe once before, but never again. Not because they weren't good, they just weren't my preference. Well, at the Drawing Club I started at my school we have this thing where we bring in art supplies we have but don't really use anymore so others in the club can get a chance to use them in their own work. I was inspired by this idea because I was thinking about how much I would have loved something like that when I was younger! I always brought everything I could carry when I would go on drawing dates and loved using my friends' supplies and letting them use mine. I bit the bullet last night and just sorted through what I have and set aside anything I haven't touched within the past year. Surprisingly... it was a lot. What can I say, I'm a creature of habit. A lot of these pens are in really great shape and was looking forward to letting my kids use them. I gave this box to them filled with stationary and art supplies and I had so much fun watching them sort through them and get excited about the contents. It was definitely worth it. I hope they find that one pen they just can't live without like I did when I did this with my friends.

If you find yourself cluttered with art supplies, try sorting through everything and really minimizing. Let someone you know who likes to try new things try your supplies, see what they create!